The Sticky Brick Junior Manual Vaporizer Review

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The Sticky Brick Junior Manual Vaporizer Review

The Sticky Brick Junior is basically the portable vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs line of vapes. We have reviewed the Sticky Brick Runt previously and was quite impressed with its performance. I have been using the Junior for a while lately and ready to share my experience.

The Design of the Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer

Sticky Brick Labs products are beautifully designed and well made.  The Junior is made out of hardwood, just like all other Sticky Brick Labs products. The Junior is designed from wooden bricks that stick together magnetically.

What’s unique about the Junior is that it was designed with a magnetic lid so it can be packed up easily and used on the go.

Sticky Brick Labs Junior Vaporzier Lid o
With the lid on, the glass parts are completely protected, making it perfectly suitable to be put in your bag without any extra protection. When you take the lid off, you’ll find the mouthpiece and the heat intake bent placed inwards, to allow the lid to fit on.

Sticky Brick Labs Junior Vaporzier Lid off
All you have to do is turn the mouthpiece outward and the heat intake sideway or to face away from you and your Sticky Brick Junior is ready to use.

Sticky Brick Labs Junior Vaporzier with GrindeROO

The bent heat intake is the part that you heat with a single flame torch to power the vaporizer. Underneath the glass piece, there is a 316 stainless steel restrictor disc. It is there to protect the wood from direct flame and also makes it a lot easier to use the vaporizer. Without the restrictor disc, it is a lot easier to combust your herbs. Using the restrictor disc enables you to use the vaporizer without or with a very little learning curve.

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Taking off the midsection exposes the generous size herb chamber in the base. The Junior (and all other Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers) has a wooden chamber with a stainless steel mesh screen on the bottom.

Sticky Brick Labs Junior Vaporzier base

There is a carb hole on the base brick that you can use manually or plugin with a supplied carb cork if you wish. I personally like to carb after every draw and always use it manually. If you are not used to using a carb hole, it only takes a second to put a supplied cork in the hole.

Sticky Bricks Labs Junior Carb Cork
What is in the Box of the Sticky Brick Labs Junior

Sticky Bick Labs sets you up with a complete kit. They literally give you everything you need, but butane. Let’s have a quick look what’s in the box when you get your Junior.

Sticky Brick Labs Junior whats in the box
Here is a list of items you’ll find in your box:
1 x Sticky Brick Labs Junior
1 x Honest brand single flame lighter
3 x Wooden packing tools
1 x Stainless steel packing tool
6 x Stainless steel replacement screens
2 x Carb corks
1 x Replacement stainless steel restrictor disc
1 x User guide

Using the Sticky Brick Junior Manual Vaporizer

Using a manual vaporizer like the Junior is not as foolproof as an electric vape, however, it is not difficult either. You don’t have a battery to charge but you have to source some pure butane gas to fill up the supplied single torch lighter.

To use the Junior, take off your lid and arrange the mouthpiece and heat intake as we discussed above. Take off the midsection to expose the chamber. Pack some ground herbs into your chamber. You can pack as much as you’d like s long as you have enough to cover the screen on the bottom completely. Your upper limit is the inner ledge of the chamber. Try to keep your herbs below the ledge as much as possible.

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Once your herbs are packed, put the midsection back on and you are good to go. Make sure you have filled your lighter with pure butane. Fire up your torch and adjust the length of the flame to about an inch or so.

Place your lips on the mouthpiece and fire up your lighter. Try to position the outer light blue flame to the entrance of the heat intake tube and inhale. Experiment with the strength of your draw and the position of the flame to achieve a vapor density that suits your vaping style.

It may take some getting used to, however, most people I shared a session with using the Runt or Junior pick it up in a take or two.

I personally always use the restrictor disc and that makes it really easy to use. If you’d like to experience with vaping without the restrictor disc, I recommend getting pretty confident using the Junior with the disc first.


I really like the Sticky Brick Junior and find it very easy to use. It has a very good size chamber and enables you to vaporize smaller or larger amounts depending on your style.

Manual vaporizing is a growing trend and Sticky Brick Labs products are well designed and made. I believe they are particularly well suited if you are looking at moving to vaporizing from punching bowls or bongs.  You can get massive clouds out of the Junior that feels almost like a bong rip but you cut out all the nasties that are associated with combustion.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

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