Vaper Empire Caramel Tobacco Viggo Pod Review

By Melrose Aguilar
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Vaper Empire Caramel Tobacco Viggo Pod Review

It is no secret that here at VapeFuse we like the Viggo Pods. We have reviewed the Viggo Pod system almost two years ago and found it quite impressive. Since then, we have reviewed many flavors as we tried them ourselves.

Some of my personal favourites are Watermelon Mint and Berry Crush, just to name a few. The latest Viggo Pod flavour we tried is Caramel Tobacco. That’s right, caramel tobacco… sounds like a bold idea, however, it made a lot of sense after I tried it.

I love the taste of caramel and it adds some awesome sweetness to the somewhat acquired taste of baccy. They seem to have nailed the perfect combination of earthy and sweet flavours.

Vapor production is outstanding, however, that is the case with every pod with the Viggo System. Nice big clouds with a very satisfying throat hit.

The Viggo Pod system is super easy to use. Simply add a pod and draw, that’s it.

Small and slim design, great battery life, and incredible convenience are some of the benefits of using the Viggo Pod system. These pod vapes are much easier to carry around than mods and tanks and refill bottles.

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