Vaper Empire – Viggo Vape Pod Starter Kit Review

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In this post, we are reviewing the Vaper Empire Viggo vape pod starter kit. We have used other products from Vaper Empire before and were excited to give the Viggo a try.


Pod style vaping seems to be here to stay. It offers a travel-friendly, lightweight and hands-free vaping that is hard to achieve with traditional mods.

Vaper Empire's VIGGO vaporizer in box

Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System

The Viggo Vape Pod starter kit by Vaper Empire makes it even easier to quit smoking cigarettes. The Viggo vaporizer device is small enough to comfortably fit in the palm of your hand. It is equipped with a ‘Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System’ that means no buttons to push or hold while vaping, simply inhale and enjoy the vapor.

Variable Voltage on the Viggo Vaporizer

The Viggo vaporizer gives you the flexibility to change voltage settings. By pressing the button 3 times in a quick sequence, you can move between 3v, indicated by red light, 3.4v with blue, and 3.8v with a green light. Lover voltage gives you a nice smooth taste while higher voltage delivers bigger clouds.

Unique VIGGOsalts Formula

The Viggo Pods are pre-filled with Viggo Salts e-liquid formula. They are made with anti-leak technology and connect to your Viggo device instantly.

How to Use the Viggo Pod Vaporizer System

Using the Viggo vape is pretty simple.

All you have to do is simply remove the safety sticker from the end of your Viggo pod and insert it into your vape. It clicks in magnetically and is ready to use.

Viggo pod magnetic connection

Adjust your voltage by pressing the button 3 times. That’s it.

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Use the supplied micro USB charging cable to charge the battery. The 400 mAh battery lasts for quite a while and battery life has not been an issue at all during our testing.

VIGGO pod vaporzier on the charger fully charged

The Pods

The Viggo vape pods come in a sealed pack of 3 and are available in a bunch of flavors.

Vaper Empire Viggo Pods

They come with 3% nicotine or no nicotine and below is the full list of flavors available at the time of this review.

  • Tobacco,
  • Whole Leaf Tobacco,
  • Menthol,
  • Creamy Custard,
  • Orange Crush, and
  • Apple

A pod lasts approximately 600 puffs, so they go quite a long way.


We have enjoyed using the Viggo pod system and we believe it is a great way to switch from smoking to vaping. It is lightweight and a lot easier to carry around than a mod with a tank.

No buttons to push to operate the vaporizer and that makes it very convenient. The pods do create more rubbish than the refillable tanks on mod systems, however, no refill bottles to muck around with.

The battery life is not an issue at all. Even if you vape a lot, you’ll be fine as long as you can recharge at the end of the day.

If you are currently smoking cigarettes, this system is a viable alternative indeed and definitely worth giving it a try.


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