Product Announcement: iFocus Adventurer Portable Vape with Built-In Water Filtration

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Product Announcement: iFocus Adventurer Portable Vape with Built-In Water Filtration

With technology ever advancing and with the innovative minds of its creators, new portable vaporizers are released in the market regularly and vapers, whether new or seasoned are left wondering or scratching their heads on which one to choose… either for a starter device or to add to their collection… And oh… Don’t forget the cost aspect!

Well, as competition among vape manufacturers is stiff, here at VapeFuse we keep an eye on reliable manufacturers with proven track record of high performing devices and with the best price…

And one more thing, a product with a unique attribute to make it stand out aside from the basic features of a good portable vaporizer.

One that fits all the above specifications is the new iFocus Adventurer portable vaporizer

Made by iFocus Technology, that made the pen-style FocusVape and FocusVape Pro, the Adventurer has a rectangular housing that can easily be mistaken for a Flowermate vaporizer, with that power bank look, except that it has an angled edge on one side.

Physical look aside, what makes us in awe with the Adventurer Portable Vape is the inbuilt filtration element integrated into the vaporizer (no way!) Yes, you read it right, it comes with an aqua bubbler inside that compact rectangular housing (105mm L x 55mm W x 22mm D). Unbelievable, right? 

But that means goodbye to the traditional glass aqua bubbler, that sits on top of the chamber and goodbye worries of breaking it while out and about.

For those who are new to vaping, an aqua bubbler is a water filtration device where the vapor passes through the water-filled glass, it cools down and adds moisture to the vapor prepping it to be more refreshing as it enters your mouth, down to the throat and lungs but still preserving the finely grounded herbs’ flavours and medicinal benefits..

So, if you love having that crisp, smooth invigorating vapor sensation (while on the go), that your throat and lungs will love, then the Adventurer is a perfect choice.

Another great feature of the Adventurer is the replaceable battery it comes with, making it another reason why it is an ideal “on the go” vape. And having a spare on hand is very handy to ensure you are covered in case the battery gets flat in between draws. Replacement batteries are available for purchase at VapeFuse.

Like the pen-style FocusVape vaporizers, the Adventurer also comes with a Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece that has a silicone rubber base, and the chamber comes with a magnetic lid, both tightly cover both ends of the device and are very easy to place.

The iFocus Adventurer comes in three popular colours, the classic black, sky blue and metal gun.

As iFocus Technology, the manufacturer, is famous for creating excellent quality portable vaporizers, like the FocusVape, let’s compare both to prove they come from the same family:

Adventurer vs FocusVape Pro

Display OLED-Display OLED-Display
Temperature Range 80℃ to 240℃ 80℃ to 240℃
Water Filtration In-Built Aqua Bubbler Aqua Bubbler – Optional Extra
Heating Method Conduction – (Convection cart Optional Extra) Conduction – (Convection cart Optional Extra)
Dosing Capsule No Yes – Optional Extra
Colours Black, Blue, Metal Gun Black, White, Green and Coffee
Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece Yes Yes
5 Pin USB Cable Yes Yes
Replaceable Battery Yes Yes

You can learn more about the FocusVape vaporizer as well as our user reviews of the products through the below links:

FocusVape Premium Pro User Review

FocusVape vs FocusVape Pro

We want to make sure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons

The iFocus Adventurer is for everyone, who is a fan of the compact design, digital display, crisp, smooth vapor and extra vaping convenience, like an aqua filtration which as we’ve mentioned earlier is inbuilt!!!!

You can vape pretty much most of the dry herbs with this portable vaporizer with the temperature range between 80℃ and 240℃. The highest temperature of the iFocus vapes is a bit higher than most of the other vaporizers.

Now, let’s see what are the pros and cons of the iFocus Adventurer Portable Vaporizer:

Inbuilt Water Filtration for smooth, crisp vapor – eliminates hassle and worries of breaking the bubbler, if it sits on top of the chamber while on the go Inbuilt Water Filtration – a slim chance but possible spillage inside the electric device
Digital Display Not as Discreet – a bit bigger, bubbling sounds while you are taking a draw
Ceramic Heating Element
Easy to Clean
Changeable Battery
Big Chamber
Magnetic Chamber Lid

Well, we have great expectations of this new cool vape from iFocus and hope you like what we’ve shared about its features. We will definitely be back with a detailed User Review on the Adventurer shortly, so stay tuned!

Have you already got an iFocus Adventurer? Why not share your opinion with our VapeFuse Community in the comment section below.


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