The Most Essential Arizer Desktop Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

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The Most Essential Arizer Desktop Vaporizer Parts & Accessories

Some of the most well-known vaporizers in the market today are the Canadian made Arizer vapes. The V-Tower, which is a whip only vaporizer, the Extreme Q balloon & whip desktop vape, the Arizer Air and the Solo Portable devices. And soon… Arizer will be launching their new Solo, which will come with a digital display and will be the first portable vape with LCD screen made by Arizer.

The Arizer vapes are popular for their decent vapor quality, great look, affordability and the many fragile bits and pieces they come with. If you own an Arizer Desktop Vaporizer, then it is most likely that you got confused a little at the beginning with all the parts, like which pieces go to where, how they would fit into each other, what they are for – which might have made you rethink ‘are glass parts really made for me!?’

So if you are one of those, who is not an Arizer Extreme Q or V-Tower pro just yet, and still confused with which part goes to where, or maybe you are just after some spare parts, then we’ll make it easy for you. Here’s a quick reference to the Arizer Desktop Vape parts that we put together for you.

Let’s go through the parts one by one…

What’s in the Arizer Extreme Q box?

1 x Heating Unit
1 x 3’ Whip (Silicone)
2 x Interchangeable Glass Whip Mouthpiece
2 x Glass Cyclone Bowls
2 x Food Grade High-Temperature Collection Bags (Balloons)
2 x Glass Mouthpieces for Balloons and O-rings
1 x All – Glass Mini Whip to connect collection bag
1 x Remote Control with 3v Lithium battery
1 x Power Adaptor (110v – 220v)
1 x Potpourri / Aromatherapy Dish
1 x Glass Stirring Tool
1 x Replacement screen set
1 x Owner’s Manual

Cyclone Bowl

The Cyclone Bowl is made out of glass. This part is basically the ‘chamber’, which sits on the Glass Heating Cover. As the Extreme Q is intended to be used with dry herbs, pack up the bowl with your favourite dry herb blend, switch on the device, assemble your whip or balloon and enjoy inhaling.

The Cyclone Bowl comes with a flat screen and a black touch topper for the purpose of protecting your fingers from the heat when you grab the Cyclone Bowl.

There are two Cyclone Bowls included in the Extreme Q and V-Tower package, so in case you break one you’ll have a spare on hand.

However, the great thing about these Arizer parts is that they are easily replaceable and readily available on a separate purchase.

Tuff Bowl

The Tuff Bowl is basically the same as the Cyclone Bowl except that it has a high impact heat-rated component around the bowl that protects the glass piece from cracking. Also, it is safe for your hands to touch so you won’t burn yourself, as glass parts can get really hot during vaporization.

The Tuff Bowl comes with a bit higher price tag than the Cyclone Bowl, but, still very affordable. For your information, the Tuff Bowl is not included in the original Extreme Q or V-Tower kit, and the heat resistant cover is not available for separate purchase.

Replacement Balloon and Balloon Kit

As mentioned above, the Extreme Q is a balloon and whip desktop vaporizer and comes with 2 pre-assembled balloon bags with balloon mouthpiece and o-rings.

The balloon needs to be replaced every now and then for hygienic purposes and to keep enjoying that pure flavour.

If you are cool with DIY, you can just grab some replacement balloons (available for purchase @VapeFuse in packs of 6), then assemble it together with the balloon mouthpiece. It’s a pretty simple process. 

However, if you need the bags and new mouthpieces to go with a balloon, then the Balloon Kit is for you. Get the parts together and save some money.

The balloon kit includes 4 food grade balloons, which are untied and 2 glass mouthpieces with o-rings.

Each of these bags has one side sealed, so you don’t need to worry about tying them up to close them, unlike the Volcano Balloon, where you need to tie one end first before you start assembling it and pumping up your balloon.

On the other hand, the Volcano Balloon bags can also work just as well with the Extreme Q, however, we recommend using only the genuine Arizer bags with your Extreme Q.

All-Glass Mini Whip Set

And for those, who do not want to spend any extra time with assembling the balloon pieces together… Here is the All Glass Mini Whip Set for you. This set includes two pre-assembled food grade balloon bags, with the frosted glass mouthpieces and the o-rings and a Glass Mini Whip. So all you need to do is attach it to the cyclone bowl, wait for the balloon to be filled with vapor and…. Enjoy!

Whip and Whip Kit

If you are into whip vaping with your Extreme Q or using a V-Tower, then you will most likely need to replace your whip tube regularly. The Whip can get clogged easily, can get discoloured fast with frequent use and, who does not want to vape from a clean, see through tube, right! So make sure to periodically clean and change your whip tube as needed to keep that quality vapor.

Both of the Arizer desktop vaporizers come with a 3 feet long silicone medical/food grade whip, which is long enough to comfortably vape while you are sitting on your couch. However, if you are vaping with friends, you may want to upgrade it to a longer tube.

The genuine Arizer tubes are available in 6’ and 9’ lengths. Oh yes, 9’ that’s a pretty long one, I tell you!

Since last year (2016), Arizer is giving its users the option to choose between a Silicone or a PVC tube.

If you are after the whip glass parts as well, the Whip tubes are also available with a glass elbow and glass mouthpiece included in the package for that extra convenience.

Want a fresh new start? You may want to invest into getting a Whip Kit, which includes a Cyclone Bowl, a Stirring Tool, and a Whip with glass Elbow and Glass Mouthpiece.

You can choose between 3 feet or 6 feet long whip for that ‘longer’ vaping experience.

All Glass Mini Whip

The All Glass Mini Whip is basically for those, who enjoy vaping from a balloon. You simply put the Cyclone Bowl on top of the heating element, the shorter end of the frosted all glass mini whip goes into the cyclone bowl, while the other end can hold the glass balloon mouthpiece with the balloon.

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Glass Elbow Adapter

This is a Glass Part that needs to be replaced quite often as well. The Glass Elbow is basically that bit which is between the Cyclone Bowl and the Whip tube. The Elbow also includes a Dome Screen which is sitting on one end. It’s very easy to remove the dome screen from the glass elbow and replace the mesh, when you feel it restricts the airflow even after a thorough clean.


Both the whip and balloon mouthpiece are available for purchase at They are small glass pieces, and the balloon mouthpiece comes with a frosted end and with 2 x o-rings.

Glass Heater Cover

In case you break the Glass Heater Cover, nothing to worry about, you can easily get a replacement one with an instruction manual included in the package to make sure you assemble it the right way. You don’t need to send the device back to us or to Arizer to get it fixed, just purchase a replacement glass heater cover and you can restore your Extreme Q yourself.

Aroma Dish

Essential oils can also be used with your Extreme Q. Just put some decorative rocks or dry herb flowers into the dish, switch the fan on and enjoy the relaxing aroma.

Please be warned that there is a hole at the bottom of the Aroma Dish, so make sure you use a couple of drops of essential oils only…

Screens, Dome & Flat Screen

If you are a frequent user, it is very likely that you need to replace your screens quite soon after you first power on your Arizer Desktop vape.

Regardless of which vape you’ve got, the Extreme Q or the V-Tower, the screens will be some of those parts that need more attention…

Cleaning will surely help to prolong usability. Just soak the screens in some rubbing alcohol and then let them dry completely before you start using them again.

The Flat Screen is basically the one that sits at the bottom of the Cyclone Bowl, while the Dome Screen goes to the Glass Elbow Adapter – if you use the whip and/or the All Glass Mini Whip, if you are a balloon vaper.

If you think it’s time to replace the screens, which is recommended in every 3 months or so, you can get a pack of 4 Dome Screens or a Screen Pack which includes 2 x Dome Screen and 2 x Flat Screen.

Anyone owning an Arizer Portable vape as well, please note the flat screens won’t fit into your Solo/Air Glass Stem, as they are a bit bigger. Click here to grab some mesh for your Arizer Portable.

Power Cord

Well, this is the part that you probably do not need to change or replace very often. The Power Cord included in the Extreme Q and V-Tower package is very sturdy and tough. But in case you lost yours or just don’t want to carry it with you if you travel between places, then you can easily get a spare one.

The Arizer Desktop vape kits that we carry at VapeFuse, come with an Australian Power adapter as well as the replacements.

Remote Control

Good news for all Arizer Extreme Q owners, if you need a replacement Remote Control you don’t need to buy a whole new kit. It is available for purchase separately. So, you can continue to enjoy your vaping session from the comfort of your sofa, and be able to adjust the temperature, fan speed, or switch on the cool base light using the remote control.


The Arizer desktop vaporizers come with a 3-year warranty and with a lifetime warranty on the heating element. The glass parts are not covered by warranty, but should you break any of them, these are inexpensive and readily available for purchase at VapeFuse.

Just a vaper to vaper advice, when you receive your vaporizer, open it up and check if all parts are included and if all are in great condition. All glass parts are custom and handmade, so don’t get surprised if your cyclone bowl slightly varies in form than that of your buddy’s. It will still be functioning perfectly, trust me! 🙂

Would You like to learn more about the Arizer Desktop Vaporizers? Check Out Our Extreme Q User’s Review and fall in love with this high quality and affordable stationary vape.

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