Sneak Peek: The Airistech Headbanger QCELL Wax Vaporizer

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What’s up VapeFusers?

We recently copped an awesome new concentrate vape, the Airistech Headbanger! Vape designer Airistech has been on fire recently thanks to their new patented invention: the QCell Quartz Heating Technology.

With a purer flavor, denser vapor production, and better absorption than most ceramic or titanium atomizers, the QCell Quartz Atomizers provide for a much nicer vaping experience than traditional wax pens.  All of Airistech’s latest line of Quartz-Authority wax pens come equipped with the QCell Quartz Heating Technology.

Airistech Headbanger

The Airistech Headbanger is an ultra-premium concentrate device that’s been designed with the portable vaper in mind.

A lot of care has been put into the packaging of the new Quartz-Authority range of wax vapes, with the Headbanger’s box looking like something directly from a Californian dispensary. The silver and black finish is an awesome touch.

Airistech Headbanger

In the box, you’ll receive all of the usual accessories, including cleaning and packing tools, a micro USB charging cable, as well as two storage tubs for your concentrate.

These dab containers are made of quartz as opposed to the usual silicon, which is a super nice touch as it helps to add to the pure quartz feel that Airistech is trying to project with the Headbanger.

Your quartz storage tubs slot directly into the magnetic base of the vaporizer meaning that you can transport up to a gram of two separate concentrates at a time right in the base of your vape.

Airistech Headbanger

The Airistech Headbanger is a super sleek little portable with a high-end metallic feel that slots easily unnoticed into any pocket or small bag.

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With the function button on the top right of the device’s body you can adjust the voltage between 3.4V (green), 3.7V (blue) and 4.2V (red). Dabbing at a lower temp gives you a tastier vapor with minimal density, while the higher temp will generate more of a cloud.

If you’re looking for a concentrate vape with an amazing battery life then the Airistech Headbanger is the device for you. It’s powered by an internal 1500mAh battery and comes with Micro-USB charging capabilities for quick on-the-go charging.

Airistech Headbanger

The Headbanger features an ultra-convenient ‘Dip & Dab’ design. This means that you can use it either as a traditional wax pen or as a nectar collector!

With the QCell Quartz Crystal Atomizer that screws into the device’s base, you can take large hits of sweet concentrate vapor without the need for a dabbing tool.

Thanks to the Airistech Headbanger‘s spill-proof aqua bubbler, you can take huge dabs like you would through a traditional dab rig and not have to worry about hurting your throat.

Airistech Headbanger

The Headbanger’s ‘Dip & Dab’ design is super convenient if you’re looking to consume large hits at home or on-the-go, but as a traditional wax pen it also performs admirably.

I love the pure flavor that is emitted from the QCell Quartz Atomizer and feel that it is able to accurately capture the terpenes and flavonoids present in the plant, just like a high-end quartz banger would.

Keep an eye out for my full video review on the Airistech Headbanger that’s coming out later this week and subscribe to our YouTube to stay up to date with all of our vape reviews!

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