Breaking Down the Hydrology9 Portable Vape [VIDEO]

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Breaking Down the Hydrology9 Portable Vape [VIDEO]

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One of my favorite vapes on the market right now is the ultra-premium Hydrology9 portable vape by US designer Cloudious9. The Hydrology9 combines amazing vapor quality, with a next-level tastiness, all assisted by the cooling powers of the inbuilt aqua-bubbler.

If you’re a vaper that is big on terpy hits, huge clouds, and the coolest vapor experience of your life, check out our video review on the Hydrology9 portable vape and scoop one up for yourself in the VapeFuse store!

The Hydrology9 comes equipped with a unique Teflon baking chamber, that’s been sized to accommodate about 0.4g of dried herb, similar to a Storz & Bickel Crafty.

While the Teflon does reach a crazy high temp, the turnable stainless steel heating pin located in the base is an awesome little feature that allows you to rotate the herb in your chamber mid-sesh.

If you’re looking to reduce resin buildup and save time on cleaning your Hydrology9 portable vape, grab a bottle of Piece Water here. It’s the bong water-replacement sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

Hydrology9 portable vape charging

If you’re into modular vaping, the Hydrology9 isn’t necessarily customizable, but you can definitely strip it down to its bare bones. For a vape that utilizes so much glass, it’s surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

One of the things I love about Cloudious9’s pilot vape project is the user manual, which is as user-friendly as it gets! It shows you all of the device specs, user instructions, as well as a quick and intensive cleaning guide.


If you’ve ever used a FocusVape Pro portable vape or a similar vaporizer that uses an aqua bubbler, you’ll know all about the cooling power the Hydrology9 offers.

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For herb users that are trying to transition from a water pipe or bong over to a vaporizer, the Hydrology9’s draw and effect match that of a high-end water pipe, making it the perfect device for all of you would-be switchers.


Included in the kit is:

1 x Hydrology9 Vaporizer
1 x AC Adapter
2 x Charging Cables (long and short)
1 x Long Brush
1 x Short Brush
1 x Packing/Loading Tool
1 x Cleaning Tool
User Manual

US designer Cloudious9’s first vape is a winner. The Hydrology9 is a vaping powerhouse, with an insanely modular nature and a unique design.

If you’re on the lookout for an ultra-premium herbal vaporizer that offers great flavor, a tremendously pure vapor, and next-level visible vapor, check out the Hydrology9 in the VapeFuse online store and get vaping today!




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