Storz & Bickel Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

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Storz & Bickel Crafty Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers!

When looking at portable vapes there is none quite as celebrated as the Crafty portable vaporizer, a product of German manufacturer, Storz & Bickel.

Now, S&B brought us the Volcano range of desktop vapes, which are arguably the most famous and regularly depicted vaporizers on the market. The same superior convection technology went into the design of the Crafty, which delivers some of the densest, sweetest tasting vapor I’ve come across.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer on a palm leaf
My relationship with the Crafty began in Amsterdam in 2014, when it had just been unveiled at the Cannabis Cup and taken out the prize for the best portable. At that time premium portable’s like the Solo II and Vapir Prima (stay tuned) were yet to be developed, and the Crafty was in a league of its own in the world of portable herb vaping.

The first-of-its-kind smartphone app integration was a massive point of differentiation for S&B and allowed the user to gain complete control of the session.

The device itself is no bigger than most smartphones and allows for maximum discretion.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel
I rate the Crafty portable vaporizer extremely high due to its superior vapor, sleek and innovative design, and a crazy amount of accessories.

Grab yourself a Crafty at and check out my break down video below!

Video Transcript

Hey it’s Matt from VapeFuse here, I’ve been tasked with a hard job of breaking down and comparing a bunch of portable vaporizers, so that you don’t have to.

For today’s video, I’m gonna be breaking down a product I’ve been familiar with for a long time. I first came across it, back in Amsterdam in 2014, when I saw it take out the cup for best portable vape. I was blown away by its outstanding quality.

Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel
This is the Crafty by Storz and Bickel. Superior German manufacturing at its finest. The Crafty is the smallest of Storz and Bickel’s portable vaporizers and is the compact version of the Mighty which has an included LED display. Storz and Bickel are also famous for the Plenty which uses a whip approach to vaping and arguably the most famous of the desktop vape range, the Classic and Digital Volcano’s.

The quality of the German manufactured products is second to none using only the best in food grade materials throughout the manufacturing process. Compact and power what the Crafty is known for. Despite the size, it can generate dense, high-quality clouds of vapor. It’s easy to carry in your bag and weighs only 135 grams so you can enjoy your blend while you’re out and about. A unique feature of the Crafty is the smartphone app, that allows you to operate and have full control of the device directly from your phone.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel
The app is available for download via the Apple Store or Google Play free of charge. Features of the app include a digital manual and Quick Start Guide, the ability to alternate between temperatures and set your booster temp, as well as a record of the Crafty’s lifetime session use. If you’re not a big fan of sitting on your phone, the device vibrates when it reaches the preset or booster temperature, to let you know when to start your session.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel
Another great feature is the pass-through charging, which gives you the option to use the device even while it’s plugged in. The crafty fits comfortably in the palm of your hands and has the tough design to go over the tough punch it packs. It comes with an LED light to indicate when the device is heating up and with a single button operation, the Crafty is a portable vape that’s so easy to use.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel
Equipped with an aluminium chamber, it can accommodate up to 0.3 grams and finely ground dry herbs. But if you prefer to vaporize liquid, the kit comes with a liquid pad that fits perfectly into the chamber. Filling the chamber is super easy with or without the included filling aid and with its wide opening, cleaning the chamber is a breeze.

The one tricky part with cleaning comes from the mouthpiece and cooling unit which can be fiddly to remove and have to be regularly cleaned to maintain functionality. To pack the Crafty, simply twist the cooling unit anti-clockwise and either fit the filling tool or use your hands in the included packing tool to pack in your herb.

Crafty Portable Vaporizer with filling aid
Pressing the Crafty’s single button once, activates the unit and heats it up to 180 degrees Celsius and double-clicking the button, boosts the temperature to 195 which is able to be adjusted in the app. Its max temp of 210 is great for winding up a session and getting the most out of your herbs and unlike other portable vapes, the Crafty won’t char your herb, preserving the life of the chamber.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel with coconut
The Crafty uses a vaporizing technology that involves full hot air convection heating, combined with conduction. The convection heating ensures that vapor is instantly and continuously generated by the conduction technology responsible for the rapid generation of vapor. The Crafty comes with a built-in single battery that from a full charge, can last up to 45 minutes depending on set temps.

The Crafty Portable Vaporizer on the rocks
As a safety and battery saving feature, it goes into auto shutoff mode after a minute of non-activity, which is determined by the chamber temperature. To charge the device, remove the packing tool and fit the included cable to the internal port. The Crafty can be charged via a wall port or a laptop.

Crafty Portable Vaporizer on the beach
With all the innovative German engineering packed into the Crafty’s small frame, it is backed by a two-year warranty for added peace of mind. The Crafty delivers the power and performance of a premium desktop vape to the palm of your hands and it’s one of the most celebrated portable devices on the market.

Check out the Crafty and our huge range of Storz and Bickel accessories at and subscribe to the channel, to stay up to date, with the latest in vaping news and content.

Storz & Bickel Crafty banner

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Hey! I'm Matt, I've been a member of the VapeFuse family since July 2017 and am passionate about providing customers with the highest quality vapes that are going to revolutionise the way they look at consuming herbs. Aside from vaping, I love reading and travelling and have spent a bunch of time over in Europe learning about the herb we all know and love. I'll be keeping you up to date with the latest vape news and content, drop me a line if you have a story you want to share.

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