Breaking Down the FocusVape Pro [VIDEO]

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Hey VapeFusers!

Are you guys looking for a high performing, high-quality vaporizer at an affordable cost? The totally functional, totally premium FocusVape Pro is definitely my go to in this category.

The portable device is one of the most customizable vaporizers I’ve come across, and the vapor experience is superb thanks to the included glass aqua-bubbler.

FocusVape Pro Portable vaporizer with bubbler

The FocusVape’s line of portable devices are designed extremely uniquely and all feature a ceramic chamber, glass mouthpiece and glass aqua-bubbler.

If you’re used to smoking from a water pipe or shisha and are looking at switching to herb vaping, this is definitely the device for you. The attachment helps to cool the vapor down and ultimately enhance your vaping experience.

FocusVape Pro and Adventurer portable vaporizers

The Adventurer, pictured above, was one of the brand’s original designs and features an embedded glass aqua-bubbler, removable battery, and bottom-loading chamber.

North American manufacturer iFocus recently expanded its product inventory to include the recently updated FocusVape Pro S; which features a sleeker matte finish and design updates.

FocusVape Pro and FocusVape Pro S

The most notable addition to the new FocusVape Pro S is the interchangeable mouthpiece system. Previously, the glass mouthpiece slid directly into the bubbler, and care had to be taken as to not to break the interior percolator.

This new rubber mouthpiece slides right into the bottom of the glass piece and removes any risk of damage to either the glass mouthpiece or the glass aqua-bubbler.

FocusVape Pro with adjustable airflow

When looking at the customizable nature of the device, there’s really a whole bunch of features for you to muck around with. Feel your airflow is a bit restricted? Twist the dial above the OLED display and find out what airflow setting is right for you.

Similarly, the device gives you the ability to alternate between Celsius and Fahrenheit and has a full-spectrum digital temperature control that ranges from 80°C (176°F) to 240°C (464°F).

FocusVape Pro with mouthpiece off

The FocusVape’s heating chamber and glass vapor path produce outstanding clouds of visible vapor that would impress any vaping connoisseur.

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Whether you’re new to herb vaping, or are looking to update your current model, grab yourself a FocusVape Pro, Pro S or Adventurer today and harness the power of having amazing quality vapor with you at all times!

FocusVape Pro and FocusVape Pro S

FocusVape Pro Portable Vaporizer with Water Bubbler - CTA


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