Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer Review

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Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer Review

We have been testing out the new Wolkenkraft Aris full convection vaporizer for the last 3 weeks. The Aris looks a little bit like the big brother of the Wolkenkraft FX Mini.

There is an optional water bubbler available with the Wokenkraft Aris and we cover that too in this review. Let’s get straight into it.

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer in Box

What’s in the Kit?

The Wolkenkraft Aris box is packed with everything you need to get started on your vaping journey.

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer what's in the box

You’ll find the Wolkenkraft Aris vaporizer, a micro USB charging cable, a replacement mouthpiece filter, a herb capsule as well as a liquid capsule, a keychain capsule carry container, a chamber cleaning brush as well as an airpath cleaning brush, a silicone hot grabber for the capsules and a user manual in the box.

Design of the Wolkenkraft Aris Convection Vaporizer

The design of the Aris carries a strong resemblance to the FX Mini, but with added extras. It is small and discreet and nicely fits into the palm of your hand. The exact measurements of the Aris are 52 mm wide, 25 mm deep and 102 mm tall with the glass mouthpiece.

It makes a great first impression and feels like a well-made product. The baking chamber is made out of stainless steel and utilizes full convection heating.

What is ECA Technology?

As you are looking at the box of the Wolkenkraft Aris, you’ll notice written on it “Powered by ECA Technology”.

ECA is a patented technology that enables you to easily clean your vaporizer’s air duct. I guess it stands for easy clean Air ducts – ‘ECA’.

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What it means in practical terms is that you can remove and access the bottom chamber and the convection heating isolated airpath. This makes the cleaning of the device pretty simple and effective.

There is a  chamber removal tool at the bottom of the Aris you can see below.

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer bottom

After you remove the pin, poke it into the air path and pop the screen up.

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer ECA

Take the screen and attached heating spiral out via the chamber and you have access to the entire isolated airpath. You can clean any residue or debris that had fallen into the airpath.

Air path pulled out

How to Use the Wolkenkraft Aris?

Using the Aris is as easy as it gets using an electric portable vaporizer. We always recommend putting your brand new vaporizer on the charger before the first use. This process helps to condition the battery and contribute to longer battery life.

Once your Aris is fully charged, simply slide the mouthpiece upwards to access the chamber.

Pack your baking chamber with herbs making sure you don’t compress it too heavily. Slide the mouthpiece back onto the Aris.

Press the power button 5 times in a quick sequence to turn the vaporizer on. Same thing to turn it off if you ever need to.

As your Aris turns on, you’ll see that the default temperature unit is Farenheight. Press the power button and the ‘-‘ button simultaneously for two seconds to change to Celsius. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to set your desired temperature. The Aris has a temperature range of 320°F to 428°F  (160°C to 221°C).

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Another thing you will notice on the OLED display is the timer on the bottom.

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer digital display

It is set to 4 minutes (240 seconds on default) however, you can change that to 3, 5 or 6 minutes. Press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds and toggle with the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button to jump between the 4 settings. The time is displayed in seconds.

Once you set your desired temperature and session length, you are ready to enjoy the vapor.

The Optional Aris Water Bubbler

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer with water bubbler

You can add a new dimension to your vaporizing experience with a water bubbler. Wolkenkraft has made an optional water bubbler for the Aris that may be worth the try. It attaches to the device in place of the glass mouthpiece and works very well.

Many people find bubblers a little difficult in terms of getting water in and out of them as well as in terms of cleaning.

The Walkenkraft designed the Aris water bubbler with a removable top piece, eliminating all the above-listed challenges with bubblers.

Wolkenkraft Aris Portable Vaporizer bubbler top off

Our Final Thoughts on the Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer

The Aris is a well designed and well-made vaporizer that performs very well in terms of usability as well as vapor quality. It gives users a fair amount of flexibility with temperature and session time control. The ECA convection heating makes cleaning the vaporizer super easy and quick.

We found the Wonkenkraft Aris to be a great portable vaporizer that suits beginners and seasoned herbal vapers alike.



I have been vaporizing herbs for many years and working for VapeFuse in Australia and Europe. I try every vaporizer and fortunate enough to have this as part of my job. I feel like I am living the dream. I love to hear from other vapers, so always feel free to comment on my posts. Keep on vaping.

7 thoughts on “Wolkenkraft Aris Vaporizer Review”

  1. We are looking at selling Wolkenkraft in New Zealand, it looks good, it sounds good, German made, are they as good as they appear? I’m hoping so, I think they will be really good but would like to hear from people who have used them a fair bit. You guys seemed to like the Aris which is good. Thanks for the info, very helpful. https://www.helenskinz.co.nz/

    • Hello there, we’ve tried most if not all Wolkenkraft vaporizers and they are pretty good. They say the vapes are designed in Germany, but made in China. We have used some of them quite excessively, including the Aris and FX Mini and so far had no issues with them. I hope this helps. All the best.

      • Hello Chris, I’m looking at the Wolkenkraft products as my first vape but I was wondering which of the two you would recommend: the Aris or the FX? All the best.

        • Hello Sjef, sorry for the late reply, I would recommend the FX Mini over the Aris, I prefer the vapour production out of the FX Mini. I hope this helps and all the best with your vaping journey.

    • I am a regular user of vaporisers and landed on the Wolkenkraft mini a couple of years ago. It is the business! Excellent quality build, highly durable, very portable, works great. I’m now getting the Aris as i sadly lost my Fx mini. It has even more versatility. I would say yes to the whole range.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I bought my aris from the wolkenkraft outlet in Australia.
    I was assured that I had 1 year warranty. I thought it was a great vaporiser but it only lasted for 6 weeks of small to moderate use by myself only. Walter from wolkenkraft.au replaced that vaporiser however I did have to pay return postage. Again the vaporiser only lasted for 6 weeks. This time Walter told me to return my vaporiser for review, it was delivered according to postal tracking however Walter blocked me from his email site and did not contact me. I then tried to contact Wolkenkraft.eu and was unable to access that site either. It now appears clear to me that Wolkenkraft has ripped me off. I would suggest not dealing with this company

    • Hello Noreen,
      I am very sorry to hear about this. We haven’t had much communication with Wolkencraft lately, but we do have a contact email for them, so I’ve sent your message to them and see if they are still in business or what’s going on there. I’ll let you know if they get back to me, but I sent them your email as well, so they might reach out to you directly. Fingers crossed one of us hears back. All the best.


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