What Makes the Mighty Vaporizer the Best Portable Vape on the Market?

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The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is often talked about as the pinnacle of portable vaporizers with its high price point at under $500, you would certainly hope it delivers the best quality vapor money can buy!

Does it live up to this hype? Is it worth the money? What does it do better than other vaporizers? I’ve been using this bad boy for two years. Let me tell you what makes it so great.

Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer

The mighty vaporizer is a large vape measuring in at 140mm x 80mm x 30mm and 235g. This is bigger than most phones and other portable vaporizers, but it still easily fits into your pocket assuming you aren’t wearing super tight jeans!

The large size does offer the added advantage of an additional battery which gives around 90 minutes of continuous use!

Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer

(The mighty next to his little brother Crafty)

90 minutes I tend to find gives me the ability to refill the vaporizer around 8-10 times and vaporize the herb to its perfect point.

I like to start at 182°C and move to around 185°C towards the end of the chamber. Each chamber holds around 0.15-0.3g of herb depending on grind consistency and the herbs density. Typically, I find I put in around 0.2g.

Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer chambers

As you can see the chamber of the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers are really quite large compared to some other portables.

It really reminds me of a bong, if you choose to pack it without its useful tool that’s included with the vaporizer, it really feels like you’re packing a cone/bowl piece. This made the transition from bongs to vaporizers a lot easier.

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Used Mighty Vaporizer chamber

As you can see from the picture above, years of abuse and the vaporizer still holds up well. A little bit of herb gets stuck around the chamber when not using the filling tool, however, this is easily cleanable with pick tool on the bottom of the vape and some isopropyl alcohol if you want it looking brand new.

The interior screen is also super easy to replace, with replacement kits available for purchase in the VapeFuse store.

Crafty and Mighty Vaporizer cooling units

The cleaning process for this vaporizer is one of the main reasons I love it to bits. It doesn’t need to be cleaned too regularly, depending on how clean you like your vapor to taste.

I generally clean the cooling unit once a month or so. I do this by soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for an hour and then rubbing any herbal grit with a cotton bud stick.

Then I just rinse it under water. I also change out the screens around this time. Mainly just the top screen, the bottom screen I have only changed once in two years.

S&B Mighty Vaporizer - dosing capsules

Now for probably my favorite feature of this vaporizer; the dosing capsules. I’m someone who loves to be able to vape on the go if I’m out at a pub or a bar, I want to be able to use my vaporizer discretely. This particularly means, having an easy way to swap out the herb in my vaporizer.

This is where Storz & Bickel figured out the dosing capsules. These are small aluminum capsules which you can swap in and out of the vaporizer.

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Storz & Bickel dosing capsules

The disc that you can buy holds 8 capsules. With each capsule easily holding 0.15g, this is an easy way for me to hold 1.2g of herbs. This is plenty for a night out, even when sharing with others.

It’s important to remember that these capsules do get VERY hot. So you need an easy place to drop the capsule, your hand will not do! But they do cool down very quickly as they are very thin.

Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer

Ultimately my three main reasons for why I believe makes the Mighty the best vaporizer on the market are as follows.

1. Long battery life, 90 minutes!

2. Easy to clean, no having to jam pipe cleaners down strange stems, just a soak, and a small scrub and it’s good to go.

3. The dosing capsules that make vaporizing in public while out and about nice and easy.

While it does have a high price point, it certainly offers an experience that other vaporizers simply don’t. The vapor production is the equivalent of a desktop machine and that’s ultimately what makes this vape the best in the portable world.

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