9 Vaping Mistakes, You Don’t Have to Be a Vape Newbie to Make Them

By Nexi Miller
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9 Vaping Mistakes, You Don’t Have to Be a Vape Newbie to Make Them

#1. Yay! I. Found. It.

This is what happens when I leave my beloved Crafty’s parts everywhere… I was hoping to find the Cooling Unit and very well indeed, I found it. But unfortunately, it is no longer in the best shape as I had expected. 🙁
Vaporizer – Car, Germany – Japan 0:1

Good thing, though, these German-made Storz&Bickel Portable vaporizers are very modular. The body carries the heating element, the battery(s), on/off switch as well as the chamber. And the cooling unit, which includes the screens and mouthpiece can be easily screwed on and off the body. Replacing the whole cooling unit, or just the screens and the mouthpiece is very easy and these parts are quite inexpensive too.

#2. Cleaning above the sink

So I’ve been spending hours searching for the best cleaning video.

“Cleaning Your Vaporizer? Nothing’s easier…” Sounds familiar, right? But no one told me not to do it right above the sink. Thanks to this cool Magic Sponge, my screen survived…

Cleaning your vaporizer regularly is necessary for maintaining a great vapor quality. When you feel the airflow is getting restricted, probably it’s time brushing off the debris from the screens and removing the resin build up on the parts, such as the chamber and the mouthpiece.

But of course, if you see signs of damage or worn out from frequent vaping, then cleaning may not be the best option for you. As cracks or scratches can be breeding ground for bacteria and this may also affect your vaping experience. So when that happens, doing some replacements on the most used parts may be in order.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

#3. Caution! Hot!

Got my fingers burnt. Twice in a row! Not good.

Oh yes, that’s definitely not good! In fact, that hurts and can be avoided. So make sure to wait a little while for the unit to cool down, before touching the steel (and glass) parts of your vaporizer, as the chamber and small parts can get real hot during and right after a session.

#4. That cable…

I love animals, especially my cat. Well, not always…

My lovely cat was chewing on my charger, Bad (Black) Boy. He should have just let me know he wanted a “puff”.😸

The good thing is most of the portable vaporizers come with a USB cable, which makes it so easy to charge the device from your computer or from your power bank.

Just to name a few, the Storz&Bickel Crafty and FocusVape come with a 5 PIN USB charger. However, make sure you get a replacement one if needed, as warranty may not cover any damage caused by a not authentic charger.

#5. Issue with Replacing the Battery

Did you get a vaporizer with a replaceable battery and you charged it using an external battery charger?

Cannot switch the vape on? You tried everything? Are you sure?

As you probably know, all battery comes with a “-” and a “+” end (anode and cathode).
Before worrying, why not try this easy tip; swap the battery around and power on your vape now. Issue solved? Good!

Replaceable, rechargeable battery is a very great option for a regular vaper, who is always on the go. Extra batteries can be purchased, such as for the Arizer Air or FocusVape vaporizer, so you can make sure there is no downtime between two draws.

Airis Turboo 510 Thread Cartridge Vaporizer by Airistech

#6. No, no bro, that will be a bit too much.

Make sure to grind your dry herb very fine before filling it into the vaporizer chamber. A shark teeth, 3-4 pieces grinder will do the job.

Some vaporizers require to tightly pack, while some work better with a loosely packed chamber. But this also depends whether your vaporizer is using convection or conduction heating method.

You may want to fully pack your chamber, just how you prefer, but never overload it. Remember… More is Less!

#7. Caution. Fragile. I Told You.

There are vaporizers out there which come with glass parts, such as the Arizer Vapes, FocusVape, and Flowermate range for instance.

Glass Parts are extremely convenient as they do not require much cleaning. For some hot water and soap will do the job.

The vapor also tastes slightly better and cleaner, drawing from a glass mouthpiece. And it definitely looks very classy.

And fragile! So be careful when you fill the chamber in, swap parts or cleaning the vape.

#8. Uhmm, I hope hubby won’t see this…Love Yooou <3

I was under social pressure to prove this Big Budy can do decaf, as it looks very similar to a coffee machine.
Tested! No, it cannot do any kind of coffee but produces amazing quality vapor.

The Zephyr Ion is a Whip and Desktop Vaporizer. Regardless of its artistic fun look, this vape produces a pretty good quality vapor, and due to its huge chamber (herb basket), it makes a perfect vaporizer for family and friends gatherings.

Click here to learn more about the Zephyr Ion.

The Beginners' Guide to Vaping: What is an Atomizer, and How Does it Work?

#9. I got a portable vaporizer… Wait, No…I guess I got misled…

If you are after the Storz&Bickel Portable Vaporizers, you can have a read on the comparison of the Mighty and the Crafty here. But if you like to learn more about the Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer, then visit the recently published Volcano User’s Review.

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Nexi Miller

Nexi Miller

I am passionate about vaporizers, vaping lifestyle and travelling. Always up for a good laugh and aiming to look at things from their fun and bright side. Let's Share The Vaping Love Together :)

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  1. Very cool blog post! I have done the sink one before.
    My hot tip- make sure you grab the right charging cable for the car when you are on a long trip with your vape. I went on holiday and had packed the wrong charger.. Holiday – Vape = Sad face


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