The Latest Tech Innovations In The Vaping Industry 

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The Latest Tech Innovations In The Vaping Industry 

Vaping has been trending for the past decade, with over 40 million vapers recorded worldwide in 2018. This figure marks an increase of e-cigarette smokers by 600% from 7 million in 2011, according to statistics on WebTribunal. Ever since vaping emerged, it has been a  success, especially among young adults. And as more people continue to embrace vaping, the e-cigarette industry has made several changes to innovate its technology to enhance user experience. 

Since the evolution of the portable vape, the vaping industry has been exploring innovative technologies to make smoking enjoyable and safer. Besides improving the experience of vapers, companies are developing cool technologies that meet legal standards set in every region.

Read on to learn more about the latest tech innovations in vaping industry. 

Bluetooth-Enabled Vapes

Integration of Bluetooth technology into vape devices is one of the most impressive innovations in the vaping industry. With Bluetooth connectivity, vapers can connect vape devices with smartphones through compatible mobile apps designed by vape manufacturers. This connection allows users to keep track of their vaping habits, usage, and device performance. 

Using data collected in real-time, you can determine if your vaping habit is a cause for concern. For instance, if you want to reduce your nicotine intake, you can do so by reducing intake minute by minute over several weeks. Bluetooth-enabled vapes also allow you to monitor e-juice levels, so you can refill or replace your vape mod in time. Another interesting application of Bluetooth vapes is the ability to find or lock your device via your smartphone. That way, you can prevent someone else from using your vape if it gets lost. 

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Advanced Vape Mods

The demand for fancy mods, with long-lasting and rechargeable batteries, built-in e-liquid, and coil, led to the creation of innovative mods. Today, vapers can choose from a variety of vape mod options like pod mods, vape pens or sticks, and mech mods. Each of these mods has unique features and benefits. For example, the pod mod has a built-in coil, battery, and e-liquid. This mod is also disposable and comes at a cheap price, making it accessible and convenient. 

Because pod mods are easy to use, they are an excellent choice for beginners. Pod systems are also easy to charge with a universal USB port, they reduce leakage and air flow loss, and offer comfort when vaping. Meanwhile, mech or mechanical mods fall under the unregulated mods category and they are highly customizable. That’s why they are ideal for advanced vapers. 

To use mech mods safely and conveniently, you must understand Ohm’s law. And while box mods have been around for a decade, the features have evolved dramatically. Advanced box mods feature a chipset, OLED digital display. They are easy to customize, and can connect to more batteries to increase power. 

Nicotine Salts

For first-generation e-juices to be effective in e-cigarettes, they had to match the level of nicotine found in cigarettes for vapers to feel satisfied. To ensure vapers experienced a nicotine fix faster, manufacturers added freebase nicotine into the e-liquid. But freebase nicotine had an awful aftertaste, destroyed e-juice flavors, and was harsh. E-juice companies had to get innovative, and that’s how nicotine salt e-juice was created. 

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While this innovation seems simple, nicotine salts enhance the vaping experience significantly. Given nicotine salts deliver a quick fix of nicotine, users consume fewer e-juices, meaning they ingest moderate amounts of nicotine. Over time, vapers can reduce or give up nicotine consumption. Nicotine salt vape juice comes in a variety of smooth flavors. You can choose nicotine salt e-juices in mango, creamy vanilla custard, pink lemonade, banana ice, mint, and strawberry flavors. Besides being gentle on your taste buds, nicotine salt is more stable than freebase nicotine. This property extends the shelf-life of e-liquids. 

Sub-Ohm Vapes

Some vapers like the idea of forming thick clouds during vaping sessions. Manufacturers in the vaping sector have noticed this trend and are innovating vapes that produce thick vapor clouds. One of these innovations is the Sub-Ohm vapes. The benefits of Sub-Ohm vaping include a quicker nicotine fix thanks to more vapor, high flavor concentration, and warm, thick vapor. Sub-Ohm kits come in a variety of sizes and designs with customizable features. 

Technology has been transforming the vaping industry, since the first e-cigarette came into existence. Today, vaping enthusiasts experience a nicotine fix faster than before, thanks to tech innovations like flavored nicotine salt e-juices and Sub-Ohm vapes. Other innovations improving the vaping experience include advanced vape mods, long-lasting batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, and voice activation. 

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