Arizer Solo II vs Crafty: Which One is Best for You?

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Arizer Solo II vs Crafty: Which One is Best for You?

Finding the right type of vaporizer is pretty challenging to both new and experienced users.

Let’s face it! Living in the 21st Century means that more and more companies venture into the same industry trying to fill a niche.

Worst of all, some companies intentionally scarcely mention anything about their vaporizers – well, apart from the name.

However, there are two dry herb vaporizers that have shocked many in the market due to their distinctive qualities – Arizer Solo II and Crafty Vapes. With either one, you don’t have to worry about getting value for your money.

Nonetheless, keep reading to see how they stack up on vapor quality, discreteness, and portability to make your choice easier.

Vapor Quality

Arizer Solo II features a ceramic heating element that heats up the stainless steel chamber — leaving the remaining portion of the vapor to the glass stem.

Surprisingly, there are two types of stems – the longer and shorter one. However, if you are interested in buying the Arizer Solo II, then like me, you may enjoy the longer stem as it provides a longer air path, and thus more time for the vapor to cool.

Additionally, the Solo II gives you the ability to adjust the temperature in degrees, giving you an opportunity to adjust until you get the perfect vapor – allowing you to experience freely flowing air without affecting your vapor density.

On the other hand, the Crafty Vaporizer is a hybrid as it features both convection and conduction heating processes. Hence, it delivers vapor quickly and efficiently. If that’s not enough, the vaporizer has a wider chamber ensuring that there’s total heating of your botanical.

Lastly, and most importantly is the way the liquid moves the vapor through the heating chamber to the mouthpiece. The Crafty vape funnels the vapor in a serpentine fashion, giving it more time to cool before reaching your mouth.


Portability – don’t we all love that word? Well, experienced users will relate with how a less portable weed vaporizer offers an uncomfortable experience. Basically, this is what makes the Arizer Solo II and the Crafty distinctive from other vaporizers.

Crafty Portable Vaporizer

For starters, the Arizer Solo II is much less portable compared to the Crafty. It’s not like you can’t pack it up and take it with you, but typically, you can’t just slip the Arizer Solo II in your pocket and be on the move– in large part due to its glass stems.

On the plus side, this herbal vaporizer has a 3-hour battery life, which is helpful since it can be used for a longer period without charging it. Additionally, you can use this vape while you charge it–on the off chance that it does happen to die mid-sesh. Basically, its size is due to its battery, though, so with each aspect, there are always pros and cons.

On the contrary, the Crafty is a pretty small unit making it easier to carry around. Furthermore, the crafty vaporizer is light and is not problematic for throwing it in a purse or stowing it in a roomy pocket. Similarly, you won’t get as many sessions as you’d get out of your Solo II.


The Solo II isn’t the most discreet vaporizer for the same reasons as its lack of portability. In fact, its glass stem protrudes from above the rest of the unit–unless you remove the stem and stow it in the case for transport.

Despite this unfortunate feature, not many vaporizers can be compared to the functionality of the Solo II — it provides great, dense vapor with great vapor taste as well.

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Nevertheless, if you’re in need of a discreet vaporizer consider purchasing the Crafty dry herb vaporizer.

From the mouthpiece, which swivels in and out, the ribbed body which keeps the device cool, and its excellent vapor quality — this is an excellent vaporizer and moderately discreet as well.



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