The Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer User’s Review

The Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer User’s Review


The Black Mamba is a reasonably new portable herbal conduction vaporizer on the market, that I have been using for the last couple of weeks. I believe there are a lot of great things about this vape, below are all the details of my testing for you.

First Impression of the Black Mamba Portable Herbal Vaporizer

It is a very well designed vaporizer with a nice box and packaging.

Black Mamba Packaging

It feels good holding in your hands with its soft touch finish and ergonomic design.

Black Mamba Portable

For the first impression, it looks like the Black Mamba has a plastic mouthpiece, but when you look further and take the mouthpiece off, you’ll find a pleasant surprise.

There is a glass pipe inlay in the mouthpiece that goes all the way from the ceramic chamber to near the end of the mouthpiece.
This design solution keeps the vapor very clean and also makes it a lot easier to clean.

Black Mamba Portable

The vaporizer is quite light, weighing only 75 grams.

Black Mamba on Scale

There is a power button and LED indicators for temperature level display on its side and a drop shaped power level indicator LED on the nose of the vaporizer as far as display and navigation go.

Black Mamba Portable wiith LED

How to Use the Black Mamba Portable Herbal Vaporizer

It is quite easy to use, you need to take off the mouthpiece to access the ceramic chamber.

It is a fair size chamber for a small portable vaporizer. Load the chamber somewhat firmly and put your mouthpiece back on.
Then press the power button on the side 5 times in a row to turn on the Black Mamba.

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Once the unit turns on, you need to set your desired temperature.
There are 5 temperature settings on this vaporizer indicated by the 5 LED lights on the side.

The available temperature settings range between 180 Celsius (356 Fahrenheit) to 220 Celsius (428 Fahrenheit):

Level 1 – 180 Celsius (356 Fahrenheit)
Level 2 – 190 Celsius (374 Fahrenheit)
Level 3 – 200 Celsius (392 Fahrenheit)
Level 4 – 210 Celsius (410 Fahrenheit)
Level 5 – 220 Celsius (428 Fahrenheit)

As your vaporizer is heating up to your set temperature, the LED lights on the side turn green.

In this picture below, the Mamba is set to level 4, 210 Celsius (410 Fahrenheit) and already heated up to level 1 as the first LED is already green.

Once your set temperature is reached (all LED’s are green) then you can start drawing on the Black Mamba.

The device will auto shut off after 5 minutes of use. If you’d like to keep going with vaporizing, you can simply press the power button 5 times again and off it goes again.

Vapor Quality of the Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer

The vapor quality is very good for such an affordable vaporizer. The clean ceramic and glass vapor path design pay off in vapor quality. I did not sense any plasticky taste or anything like that. I am getting nice, clean and pure tasting vapor. I was quite impressed how good vapor this small, lightweight vaporizer produces.

Battery Life and Charging of the Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer

The Black Mamba charges with the supplied USB charger, that plugs in at the wider end of the vaporizer, as you can see below. It has an inbuilt battery, that is not my favourite feature, however for a small and low-priced vaporizer, it is expected. Having said that, it does heat up reasonably quickly (in about a minute or so) and lasts for about 5 to 8 sessions on one charge. Not bad.

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The battery level is indicated by the drop-shaped LED light just above the charging port.

When your battery is full, the light is green.

As you keep using the vape, you’ll notice after 2 or 3 sessions, that the light turns purple, to indicate that the battery is less than 75%.

Once the battery level drops below 35%, the LED light turns Red and this is a good time to put it on the charger.

It takes about 90 to 120 minutes to fully charge the battery.

What’s in the Box?

  • Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer
  • Replacement Glass Mouthpiece
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Wall Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tweezer
  • Dab Tool
  • User Manual

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer

Cleaning is quite simple due to the glass insert pipe that I showed you above. You can easily pull that glass tube out of the mouthpiece, and take out the stainless steel screen and soak them both in rubbing alcohol. The chamber you can wipe out with the supplied brush after every session or every few sessions and you should be fine.

I like vaporizers that are easy to clean.

Who is the Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer for?

It is a great entry level portable vaporizer that may suit many needs and lifestyles. The design makes it easy to pre-load it and keep it in your pocket, making it highly portable.

It is also quite sturdy and suitable for contractors and tradesmen or outdoor enthusiasts to carry them around and use them in tougher environments. My wife also quite likes it, she said she can imagine herself using it and carrying it around in her bag, so I believe due to its sleek and lightweight design it is just as well suitable for woman vapers as for men.

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I have been impressed by this portable vape, mostly due to its smart design and most especially the ceramic and glass vapor path. It does have a stainless steel screen as well, however that doesn’t concern me at all. Stainless steel is widely accepted in vapor path.

The vapor quality is great and it is priced very well.
I would highly recommend this vaporizer to anyone looking for a well-designed vape on a budget price.

It has no digital display, only the LED lights on the side, however, it does the job just as well as many others with digital display, so that would not hold me back getting one of these.

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