How Vaporizing Impacts Your Health

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How Vaporizing Impacts Your Health

Vaporizing has finally come into the mainstream. It is proving to be an effective aromatherapy method whether you are practicing a healthy lifestyle or trying to switch from smoking. However despite all the acceptance and hype, many are still questioning how vaporizing impacts your health? A majority are still skeptical of its benefits.

To prove these skepticism wrong, we look back into how vaporizers originated and how it became an effective tool to a healthy lifestyle.

Vaporizers or the process of vaporization started primarily for the purpose of aiding respiratory conditions. The concept of the device is to turn water into vapor to increase the level of humidity in a room. Such method was seen to help ease symptoms of respiratory problems.

As time passed and with technology ever growing, vaporizing has also evolved. There are now new methods of vaporization that allow users to ingest medicinal properties of plants without the toxins or carcinogens derived from traditional smoking.  content

What is Vapor?

So let us define vapor. Vapor is a substance diffused or suspended into the air, normally liquid or solid. It is a gaseous substance below its critical temperature and can be liquefied by pressure alone.

How Does Vapor Benefits the User

For a Smoker

Smoke inhalation whether directly (smoking) or indirectly (pollution/fumes) is bad for your health as well as the environment. But with the discovery of vaporizing or vaporizers, the process or method of inhalation has changed over the years.

Using vaporizers instead of smoking does not release sticky smoke and unwanted odor. With the advanced heating technology, a clean vapor is produced with the endless flavors of the herbs being vaporized.

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Find out how to add flavour to your experience:


You can now say goodbye to disgusting ashtrays, stinky furniture and stained windows or walls with vaporizers. Another plus is you will no longer have that unpleasant smoke smell or deal with stained teeth or fingers. All you get is pure clean vapor enjoyment from the recreational, stress-relieving fun of inhaling.

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For a Non-Smoker

If you are a non-smoker, vaporizing offers the same benefits. Vaporizers are safe and do not emit any toxic.

Did you know that even smoke from candles and aroma oils has been linked to harmful carcinogens and toxins? But with vaporizers (for aromatherapy needs), the user will not ingest these harmful byproducts of smoke as these devices utilize a heating technology that doesn’t reach the point of combustion.

Find out more about Aromatherapy and Vaping.

It’s Practical

According to experts, vaporizing may be more efficient than smoking with the smaller dosage of material it requires. With just a little amount of materials, the vaporizing device heats it up to the perfect temperature and effectively brings out its healing properties.

And with the availability of high-quality devices like the Arizer Solo and CloudV Pens, users are provided with temperature guide. These guides ensure proper operation of the vaporizer and the right temperature level to effectively bring out the flavor of a particular material.

Herbal Advantage

Herbal therapy requirements vary per individual’s needs. You can try to experiment with your vaporizers and materials to find out what works for you. That can be achieved by vaporizing either one dry herb or a combination of different herbs.

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Going back into history, plants have been used in ancient times for their healing properties. Plants are considered as nature’s soothers and relievers. What’s makes plant or herbs a good material for vaping?  Well, there is no rule that limits the amount one can vape in a day.

That’s why here at VapeFuse, we make sure we covered topics on these wonderful health benefits from herbs for our growing vaping community. You can check various topics like weight loss, chronic pain, and sinus congestion to name a few.  These articles also include great insights into the plants and their healing properties like the chamomile and sage. Just a note of precaution, VapeFuse does not recommend the use of nicotine or tobacco in any of the herb combinations.

Being non-addictive is another plus derived from herbal vaporizing.  As most dry herbs or oils are non-addictive, vaporizing these materials has no links to any form of addiction. So if you are currently addicted to smoking, vaporizing may help relieve your addiction.

Dry Herbs

No Disadvantage

With more and more studies being done, there is virtually no evidence in vaporizing to suggest that in any way it impairs health. In fact, these studies show the positive impact vaporizing can have on a person’s health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

To sum things up, with vaporizing you rest assured that you’re inhaling only the healing powers of vapors accompanied by pleasant non-lingering aromas of plant materials. So why don’t we spread the love of a healthy lifestyle by vaporizing?

We’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden

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