Sneak Peek: Quant Vaporizer Premium 3 in 1 Portable

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It’s felt like Christmas lately with all the new product drops! Quant Vapor’s pilot portable the Quant Vaporizer is a premium device with 3 in 1 vaping capabilities.

Portable vaping continues to improve, with pocket-sized portables now being able to outperform their larger counterparts.

quant vaporizer

We’ve come a long way from portable vapes that you’d struggle to fit into a backpack, and the Quant is one of those premium herb vapes that’s paving the way to the future.

It impresses before it’s even out of the box. The Quant’s smartphone-like box design is a good sign of what’s in store for you when you look underneath the lid.

quant vaporizer


With its sleek wood finish and large viewing window for visualizing your vapor, the Quant gives off a very classy feel.

It looks like a something that would be more commonplace in an upmarket coffee shop as opposed to a head shop, this also helps to attribute an element of discreetness.

As the cannabis scene in Canada and the US develops, more and more premium herb vapes are hitting the market.

quant vaporizer


With an aluminum chamber and airflow-rich food-grade plastic mouthpiece, I foresee massive clouds of tasty vapor coming from this little portable.

The Quant Vaporizer’s chamber is super wide-set meaning you can fit in max-herbs for dosing on the go. In the kit, it comes with a quartz cup insert for concentrates and liquids which slots directly into the chamber.

While I have some misgivings about hybrid dry herb/concentrate vapes, I believe it can work here for the Quant Vaporizer with consistent maintenance and cleaning.

Vaporizers: Making the Future of The Cannabis Industry Combustion Free

quant vaporizer

While I’m yet to actually pack the device’s chamber and blow some clouds, I’ve just burnt it out and am eyeing off a session as I type away here.

We’re going to be putting the Quant Vaporizer up in the store any day now so keep an eye out for this new ultra-premium 3 in 1 vape.



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