How to Vape Cannabis and Make the Most of It

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How to Vape Cannabis and Make the Most of It

The widespread popularity of cannabis and cannabis-derived products make people more and more interested in different forms of delivery methods of these substances.

Smoking a joint is no longer the only method. Today, according to the newest trend, most people decide on the purchase of a vape pen, which is used not only for tobacco smoking but also for cannabis.

It’s a much healthier and most importantly, more discreet way than traditional smoking. Moreover, you can use both cannabis flowers and concentrates together with different types of vaporizers available to check out in Las Vegas dispensaries. All of this has been designed to meet your individual needs and ensure you the best cannabis experience ever.

How to Vape Cannabis

Are you wondering how you can vape cannabis with the usage of a vaporizer? This magical device heats either your cannabis flower or concentrates to such a temperature that it releases its active components, mostly CBD and THC in the form of a vapor.

Since it doesn’t combust the flower at the highest temperature possible, which takes place during the smoking process, it doesn’t emit any harmful substances, such as tar and carcinogens.

That’s why it’s a much healthier alternative for smoking. So, if you’re a regular smoker and you can’t imagine your life without smoking, try vaping instead. It’ll give you a similar impression, simultaneously freeing you from smoke and toxins connected with combustion.

You should also be aware that there are various forms of vaporizers available on the market. The most popular are tabletop and portable vaporizers, as well as vape pens.

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Tabletop Vaporizers

The first form of vaporizer that you can use at home are tabletop or also known as desktop vaporizers. They can be quite big and bulky, such as the well-known Volcano vaporizer and the Arizer Extreme Q and they usually produce the best quality vapor.

arizer extreme q Volcano digit

They contain four main elements, such as a temperature dial, a heating element, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece attachment. Their design is intended for using cannabis flowers by real weed lovers who are passionate about vaping. Once you master using a tabletop vape, you are more likely to be able to use other types of vaporizers, since this one is the most involved.

Portable Vaporizers

For people who don’t have too much time for experimenting with cannabis at home, a better option is using portable vaporizers. They are much smaller and more discreet devices that can be used even in public.

They work similarly to tabletop vaporizers and often can be used with both, cannabis flowers and concentrates. They usually come with a built-in or replaceable battery that powers up the device.

But, before buying any of these products, consider the way you intend to consume cannabis. You can distinguish dry herb vaporizers and wax vapes, designed only to the use of specific types of cannabis products and hybrid vaporizers, which combine the usage of both flowers and concentrates.

vape pens - why vaping popular

Vape Pens

However, if you prefer using cannabis distillates or oils, then you have yet another opportunity- vape or “hash oil” pens. They are strikingly similar to traditional pens, and they consist of two main elements, mainly a battery and cartridge.

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Today, they are probably one of the most commonly used vaporizers for vaping cannabis. But within their range, there are many different types with different battery capacities, which may indicate its general lifespan and the time of heating up.

Inhaling cannabis from any of these vaporizers provides you with similar effects, which are usually produced within minutes of consumption. However, the full impact of vaping marijuana may be felt a little later. It takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

If you are vaporizing cannabis flowers, you’ll know when your chamber is fully vaporized as the color of your herbs will turn from green to dark brown. The moment it happens, you should stop vaping. After that time, it may be harmful to your health. Although it may still have some THC content and other cannabinoids, its smell, flavor, and effect may not be worth the effort.

Vaping vs Smoking

Benefits of Vaping

Talking about vaping cannabis, you’d probably like to know what’s the whole fuss about. Why do so many people enjoy vaping so much?

The answer is simple. Not only does it provide you with discretion and allows you to vape cannabis wherever and whenever you want, but it also brings you many health benefits.

A study from 2007 showed that vaping cannabis decreases respiratory symptoms in regular cannabis users, which can’t be told about cigarette or joint smokers. Ultimately, inhaling vapor is much healthier for our lungs than cigarette or cannabis smoke.

Some people also point to the pure flavor of the cannabis strain while vaping, which isn’t normally felt during other forms of consumption. What’s more, thanks to vaping, you don’t feel the less desirable flavors of chlorophyll and other combustible compounds.

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Once you comprehend all this, your first vaping cannabis experience should be pure enjoyment, filled with the feeling of high and relaxation.

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