10 Facts About Vaping Which Will Leave You Amazed

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Are you ready to venture into the world of vaping? If you answered “yes,” you have reached the right place! Vaping is a great alternative to cigarettes and has become quite popular today, especially among the millennial population and teenagers. It has developed into a multi-million dollar industry worldwide.

Before diving in and experimenting with different vape liquid flavours, there are few things you must know. Read ahead to discover ten facts about vaping that will leave you amazed.

Fact # 1. Vaping Is Safer than Smoking

Compared to smoking, vaping is much safer. This is because smoking involves combustion, which means tobacco and other contents inside a cigarette burn to create the smoke you inhale. This smoke contains a lot of toxic chemicals and carcinogens that can harm your body.

However, with vaping, the exposure to toxins and carcinogens is far less as compared to smoking. This is because there isn’t any combustion involved in vaping. The vapours produced are much cooler and do not contain tar, ash, or carbon monoxide – the three most harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

Fact # 2. Vaping Eliminates Harmful Physical Symptoms

When you transition from smoking to vaping, you can reap several health benefits. These include less nausea, more relaxed breathing, and feeling much more energetic.

A study conducted at the University of Catania in Italy suggests that vaping can reduce cigarette consumption in schizophrenic patients. It can also lead to positive effects such as depression relief, reduced mood swings, less anxiety, etc.

Fact # 3. Vaping Can Save You Money!

If you’re worried you don’t have enough money to spend on vaping, don’t be! There are tons of vaping products available on the market at a wide range of prices. You can easily find a suitable product within your price range, from electronic cigarettes to vape pods and vape concentrates UK.

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Spending money on a high-quality vape is a one-time investment because vape devices last for a long time. They do not require a lot of maintenance and can usually sustain you for many years.

Fact # 4. You Can Now Be a Part of “Vape Culture”

An active vaping culture has appeared around the world today. Many countries now have national vape clubs that hold annual conventions where vape enthusiasts swap devices, try out new flavours, and discuss developments in the vaping world.

Within the broad vape culture, there is a sub-culture known as the “cloud chasers.” The cloud chasers are a group of people that use vape devices to exhale large amounts of vapour clouds than one normally would. They compete against one another and measure the results once they exhale.

Fact # 5. Vaping Is Non-Smelly and Provides Immediate Satisfaction

Many people despise the unpleasant cigarette smell that lingers around after they smoke. Fortunately, vaping does not have any such smell issues. A vape device does not contain any combustible particles, and since there is no combustion involved, the device heats the vape e-liquid only till it generates odourless vapour.

Another downside of smoking is that it takes a long time to stimulate satisfaction. On the other hand, vaping grants instant gratification. Today, many vape devices come pre-filled with premium e-liquid flavours and are ready for immediate use. Shop them today at IVG Premium E-Liquids and avail amazing discounts!

Fact # 6. Vaping Offers Much More Variety than Cigarettes

Very few cigarette companies have come up with flavours in cigarettes, but they can never beat the abundance of flavours available in vape devices. Vape e-liquids are available in more than 7,000 different flavours worldwide.

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Some companies organize these flavours into categories like breakfast, beverage, fruit, dessert, menthol, etc. You will always be able to find something to tickle your taste buds. For the best experience of these flavours, use top-quality e-cigarette flavours from IVG Premium E-Liquids!

Fact # 7. Vaping Does Not Impact Your Appearance

You can easily identify a smoker by their appearance. Smokers usually have darkened lips and teeth as well as stained fingers and nails. The frequent exposure to tar leads to reduced blood flow and causes uneven pigmentation that changes the skin colour and texture.

Since a vape does not contain ash, tar, or tobacco, you don’t need to worry about any changes in your appearance since there won’t be any!

Fact # 8. Vaping Is Less Harmful than Smoking During Pregnancy

While vaping is not totally harmless, it is much less dangerous than smoking for adults, including pregnant women. For adults, nicotine is a relatively safe drug, but it can be potentially toxic to unborn babies, so it is best to avoid it during pregnancy, and this means avoiding all sorts of vape devices.

Fact # 9. You Can Even Vape in Some Smoke-Free Places!

Exposure to secondhand smoke is also quite harmful, which is why the UK has laws that prohibit smoking in workplaces and enclosed public places.

However, these laws do not cover vaping, so companies and organisations can make their own policies regarding vaping on their premises. Many places have not yet made their policies so you can freely vape in places where smoking isn’t allowed.

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Fact # 10. The UK Has a Well-Established Regulation Regarding Vaping

Under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, nicotine-containing vape products in the UK are subject to minimum quality and safety standards. There are also packaging and labelling requirements to provide consumers with the information they need to make informed choices about vaping.

Advertising vape products are also restricted, and all manufacturers need to notify their vape products with detailed information to the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

We hope you find these ten facts about vaping helpful. If you have any questions or comments make sure you share them below!
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