Decoding Vaping Culture

By Alison White
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Decoding Vaping Culture

Every day, it seems like more people jumping on board with vaping – and leaving cigarettes behind for good. But what is vaping? And what is the culture of vaping?

If you’re confused or curious, don’t worry – we’re about to decode the basics of vapes and vaping culture just for you.

The Device and Its Culture

A vape is a device that allows the user to inhale nicotine juice, waxes, or herbs. Vapes, like the RELX Infinity, get their name because they produce a vapor that mimics the feeling of smoking but with fewer toxins and less harshness.

People usually associate vapes with E-cigarettes, but the two are slightly different. E-cigarettes only allow users to consume nicotine, whereas vapes can be useful for a wider variety of purposes. People can put in nicotine cartridges, CBD oil, or even dried herbs and waxes.

This difference is why E-cigarettes most often equate with cigarette replacement, while vapes bring to mind both breaking a cigarette habit and cannabis culture.

Vaping culture brings together people from all walks of life, no matter what substance users like to inhale. As mentioned before, vaping can produce large clouds of water vapor. Users can manipulate this vapor into many shapes.

Surprisingly, this activity has produced a competitive environment where many people gather together to create the most impressive vape shapes to see who can make the coolest rings, hearts, and other fun shapes.

The Parts of a Vape

If you want to understand the vaping culture, it’s necessary to know its users’ lingo. If you don’t know the essential parts of a vape, you won’t get far into the culture nor know how to pick up the parts you need at the vape store.

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All vaporizers consist of four essential parts: a battery, an atomizer, a mouthpiece, and a tank. Some more expensive devices include additional accessories, but all vaporizers must include these four things to function.

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The Tank

The tank stores the liquid (or ‘juice’) meant for inhalation. Tanks can hold wax, resin, nicotine juice, or pods of flavored liquid.

The Battery

The battery allows the device to heat the material for inhalation. Typically, vapes have lithium-ion batteries. These small batteries are ideal for vaporizers because they recharge quickly and can transport easily.

The Atomizer

The atomizer turns the liquid, wax, or dried herbs into vapor. An atomizer traditionally has a coil inside of it, which heats up to perform this function.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece delivers the vapor. Many people have said using a mouthpiece allows for a cleaner flavor than a wrapper or cigarette. Unlike pre-rolled cigarettes, it allows for the direct contact of whatever a user is smoking without any additional ingredients or toxins.

An Outside Perspective: Vapes and Cigarette Smoking

Within vaping culture, most people are enthusiastic about these devices. But from the outside, there are mixed views.

In many studies, vapes and other E-cigarette devices exhibit lower levels of harmful chemicals than cigarettes. Many former smokers have reported that vaporizers and E-cigarettes had helped them in their journey to quit.

However, some scientists say these devices are merely tools that help smokers lessen the intensity of their addictions. Since vape users can choose the level of intensity of nicotine and other flavorings in their pods, it may be a helpful method for decreasing nicotine dependency.

R and M Disposable Vapes: Convenience vs. Sustainability

There are mixed feelings in the scientific community about whether or not vapes offset addiction to cigarettes and nicotine. More research in this area is ongoing.

In the End

All in all, vaping culture creates an exciting alternative to smoking culture. These smokeless devices are genuinely affecting the worlds of nicotine and marijuana. If you think a vape could be a good fit for you, and you are of legal age, check it out today!

Alison White

Alison White

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