Come and Meet Your Aussie Herb Vaping Specialists!

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Come and Meet Your Aussie Herb Vaping Specialists!

Calling all Aussie herb vapers!

VapeFuse now has a dedicated online store and customer service team for dealing with our Aussie customers.

The new Australia-specific store means that we can bring you guys a huge variety of herbal vaporizers at the best cost, with ultra-quick shipping, and expert service!

Customers at the VapeFuse Booth at the HHI Expo Melbourne, Australia

Between us, we’ve personally tried and reviewed over 100 different desktop, portable, and concentrate vaporizers, and do our best to present a fair and unbiased opinion when helping out a customer with a vape.

If you’re in the market for a new vaporizer, there’s a fair chance one of the Aussie herb lovers at has tried it out.

Maybe you’ve got a suggestion for a new vape to get in stock? Let us know! You’ll quickly learn that we’re here to serve the Aussie herb vaper, big and small, and will happily expand our line of vaporizers to include new up-and-coming products.

We take our vaporizers seriously here at VapeFuse Australia and have established strong bonds with all of our international suppliers so that we can bring our Aussie herb vaping customers the best products at the fairest price.

Most of the stars of the herb vaping world can be discovered in the VapeFuse AU store, including Vapir, X Max, FocusVape, CloudV, Flowermate, Cloudious9, Arizer Tech, and of course, Storz & Bickel.

arizer extreme q Volcano digit

In fact, we’ve been dealing with the biggest names in vaping for nearly 5 years now! We are proud to say that we carry the entire Arizer Tech and Storz & Bickel lines of vaporizers and are certified Aussie resellers.

After a part for your Volcano vape, Crafty Portable vaporizer, or Arizer Extreme Q? Chances are we’ve got it in stock.

Aussie Herb Vaping

The VapeFuse Australia store is a place for Aussie herb vapers to seek advice, stay up to date with the hottest new vapes, as well as to score awesome deals!

If you’re an Aussie herb vaper or know someone who is, let them know that VapeFuse AU is live! Looking for the best portable and desktop vaporizers in town with free same day shipping on orders $100+? Vape Fuse Australia is here to help.

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