Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

While vaping is a lot of fun, with all the e-liquids flavors and vape pens available, it is also safer than smoking. Nevertheless, sometimes a strange thing can occur unexpectedly: a burnt taste. This is nothing to worry about as it is something a lot of users experience.

In this article, we will look into why your vape tastes burnt and how to fix it. Enjoy.

Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt?

 The sensation you get when you taste the burnt vape is unpleasant and can make you burst into a fit of coughing or throat burn. Here are the reasons your vape tastes burnt.

Chain Vaping: This is when you take a lot of puffs in a row without break. It makes your vape taste burnt because there is time for your wick to soak up enough e-liquid, and this makes it dry out, and also taste burnt.

One way to reduce the burnt taste when chain vaping is to put your vape pen down for a while and allow it to soak up the e-liquid. You will notice the significant reduction in the burnt taste.

High Power Vaping: This is one of the reasons your vape sometimes tastes burnt. If you use really high power wattage to vape, it may be too high for your coil head and can cause the e-liquid to vaporize easily. This will make the coil to burn the wick, and it is the major cause of your vape having a burnt taste.

The high power vaping usually happens to the open system users. One of the best ways to sort this out is to vape at a lower power wattage. It will reduce the burnt taste from the vape.

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Low E-liquid: When you are running low on e-liquid, the coil gets hot and overheats the e-liquid, and it can cause the burnt taste.

Ensure that there is enough e-liquid in your vape. It will help to reduce the burnt taste.

Wrong Priming Of Coils: One of the reasons for burnt taste is when the coil head is not primed properly.

Priming is the act of soaking the wick to ensure saturation. Priming the coil head properly should be done before filling the tank and vaping.

Clogged Wick: A burnt taste may be due to your wick clogging. Regular use of juices in high colorant and nicotine can clog your wick.

Regular coil rinses can help to reduce and remove clogs. It also helps to avoid short lifespan of your coils.

Use Of Wrong Ratio E-liquid For Your Coil Head: Using the wrong VG/PG ratio for your coil head can bring about the burnt taste in your mouth. Your coil head size and the range of its wattage is a pointer to the range of VG/PG your juice should have.

The general rule is to use thinner juice for smaller coil head and thicker juice for bigger coil head.

How To Get Rid Of Burnt Taste When Vaping?

 Burnt taste can be gotten rid of, no matter how long it has stayed. The key is to know what is wrong so that you can proffer the right solution to it. Here are ways to get rid of burnt taste in your vape.

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Keep Your Vape In A Relatively Warm Area: The cold can make your e-liquid become thick, and this makes it difficult to flow into the wick. Therefore, avoid the cold and ensure that your vape is in an environment not below 0°c and above 35°c.

Do Not Rush Your Vaping: The point of vaping is to have a relaxed and enjoyable time. Tweaking your vaping technique a little can go a long way in avoiding occurrence of burnt taste.

Do not take short, rushed puffs again. Instead, take long, slow puffs and give at least 15 seconds between each puff. It will help to get rid of the burnt taste.

Check Your E-liquid: You do not want to run out of e-liquid without knowing. An empty tank will cause a burnt taste. Ensure you check the e-liquid in your pods and add when necessary. This will reduce the burnt taste in your mouth.

Prime Your Refillable Kits: If you use a refillable kit and not a vape tank, you can prime it. Ensure you fill the device with e-liquid, allow it to saturate for not less than 12 minutes, and inhale it a few times without activating the battery. This will help the liquid flow.

Rinse Your Coils: If you notice clogging in your coils, you can rinse it regularly. It will help to remove the cloggs which in turn will reduce the burnt taste from your vape.

Replace Your Coils: Like every other thing, coils wear out. Consistent use of coils can make it wear out after a long time. And when coils wear out, it can leave a burnt taste in your mouth. If you rinse your coil and the burnt taste still doesn’t go, you may want to look into replacing your coil. This will get rid of the burnt taste.

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Prime Your Vape Tank Coils: Many vape tank coils come with refillable heads, others do not. You can follow the same process for them.

Take your new coil, put 3 drops of e-liquid on the wicking holes and coil head. Join the components and fill your tank with the e-juice, leave it for 10 minutes. It will remove the burnt taste.

Turn Down The Wattage: This is a simple but straightforward way to stop the burnt hits. When the wattage is too high, it can cause burnt taste. Ensure you are within the appropriate wattage limit of your coil. It will help remove the burnt taste.


 The burnt taste of vape can leave an unpleasant feeling and has sometimes made avid users stop vaping. This bad experience can be rectified using any of the methods above. Check your vape for what went wrong and rectify it accordingly. Here is to amazing vaping experience in the future.

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