The Benefits of Digital Vaporizers Over Analog Vapes

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The Benefits of Digital Vaporizers Over Analog Vapes

If you transit from analog units to vaporizers with digital display, you most likely will be able to start adjusting temperature settings across a broad range of options with pinpoint accurate readouts. With a digital display, you can configure temperatures for a variety of ingredients and attain the highest vapor quality and potency.

A digital dry herb vaporizer usually comes with a sizable display (depending on having a desktop or portable vape) and with buttons for temperature settings while their analog counterparts generally feature a knob or a LED display.

FocusVape Portable Vaporizer

Accordingly, a digital screen allows you to select temperature levels with more flexibility and scalpel-like exactness. Digital vaporizers can be set to the nearest 1.5 degrees Celsius, unlike analog models with a wide error margin (+/-8 degrees). The digital vapes only require you to switch them on and dial (using the -/+ or up/down buttons) an exact temperature then wait until it indicates the sweet spot.

Which One is More Popular a Dry Herb Vaporizer With or Without a Digital Screen?

With a digital display, you can set specific temperatures with fewer degrees increments for error-less configurations and real-time measurements. For mindful herb consumers, adjustable temperature can achieve custom effects from active compounds vaporized at a perfect heat.

Limited temperature ranges and increment differences of up to 12 degrees offered by analog models have become less alluring to temperature-sensitive users.

Vapir Prima Portable Vaporizer

The new generation of vaporizers, such as the Crafty from Storz and Bickel now offers Smartphone capabilities.

Analog vaporizers with a knob will most likely continue being out-crowded until they fade out completely. But due to their smooth operations, discounted price and durability, digital vaporizers have not completely eclipsed them in the marketplace.

CloudV Phantom Premium Portable Vaporizer Review [VIDEO]

Differences Between Analog & Digital Display

You control the temperature on analog vaporizers with the aid of a knob or console/LED. An indicator light turns on when the device’s heat increases and clicks off or changes colour to display the desired temperature. Therefore, they offer seamless and smooth operations, but they do not match the accuracy of digital vaporizers.

If you don’t need exact temperature precision, they remain efficient vaporizers. On the other hand, some of the vaporizers with an oversize screen readout displaying pre-set and current operating temperature, like the Arizer Extreme Q.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Digital Display

Some vaporizer screens also show an approximation of warm-up time and exact time when the unit shuts off, referring here to the Ald Amaze Potable Digit Vape.

Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vaporizer

The display settings have a broad range of selections with minimum and maximum temperature gauge. The units use (+/- or up/down) buttons to set temperatures precisely once you switch on, rather than a rotary knob or a one-button mechanism.

Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer.Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer

To set a preferred temperature with your onboard switch, press the turn-on or thermostat push button to activate the heating element and then just set your desired temperature with the +/- buttons.

FocusVape Adventurer Digital Portable Vaporizer with Inbuilt Water Filtration

For instance, the Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer boasts a brilliantly lit digital display and large control buttons. Most of the digital vaporizers allow you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. They have become essential where you need ultra-accurate and precise temperature.

Ald Amaze Digital Display
Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vaporizer

If you contemplate trying out a variety of dry herbs, these vaporizers come in handy as you can estimate the degrees to exert their optimum potency.

Detailed User’s Review of the Arizer Solo II Portable Vaporizer


• Digitally-controlled vaporizers allow exact control, most of them display pre-dialed and actual temperature readings.

• Vaporizers with a digital screen have accuracy and exactness to the 1-to-2 °C while analogs check in at the nearest +/-5 °C.

• Accurate temperature readout means you can vaporize a variety of dry herbs and produce even more superior vapor quality.

• The digital temperature control makes tweaking heat intensity straightforward and accurate to experiment with delicate and precise dry herbs.

• They have a broader temperature range, from the minimum of 40°C up to 260°C.

FocusVape PRO Portable Vaporizer with the temperature range of  80°C – 240°C


The digital display’s robust construction is a double-edged sword due to tons of electronics that expose to a greater likelihood of malfunction. You need to handle the unit carefully to avoid damaging the screen and resort to guesswork when setting temperatures.

Cloud Galaxy Portable Vaporizer

Cloud Galaxy Portable Vaporizer

What Do These Screens Show To The User?

Vaporizers with a digitally informative display enhance control by showing you the pre-set and actual temperature in real time. Besides, digitally-operated vaporizers may also feature a battery meter showing status or life, timer, and fan temperatures.

Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vaporizer

As mentioned above, you can adjust the temperature on the Storz and Bickel Crafty using a Smartphone app. It requires you to tweak temperature settings via a Bluetooth network. You will need to familiarise yourself with the system to set precise temperature or check battery life.

Storz and Bickel Crafty Vaporizer

Is There Any Difference in Pricing Between Digital and Analog vaporizers?

Yes, the digital and analog vaporizers have a substantial price gap up to a couple of hundreds of $$$ difference. The top-end digitally operated units cost you more as the screen comes as an added benefit or feature.

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Storz and Bickel Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The freedom to fine-tune temperature accurately gives users an extra tool to attain superior vapor quality, however, I did not experience a significant difference in vapor quality; budget-conscious users still prefer analog units.

Top-end Vaporizers with Digital Display

Arizer Extreme Q Digital Herbal Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Vaporizer offers digital display showing pre-set settings, standard temperature and actual temperature to control the heating of your dry herbs with precision. It also has a timer and fan temperature readouts.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

Resembling its Classic sibling, the Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer boasts an outsized digital display screen showing temperature readouts and +/- buttons to fine tune proper settings.

Volcano Digit Desktop Balloon Vaporizer

Zephyr Ion Digital Whip & Balloon Desktop Vaporizer

The Zephyr Ion Digital Whip & Balloon Desktop Vaporizer also offers an extra large digital screen for convenient temperature adjustment also features a huge chamber, ideal for group vaping.

Zephyr Ion desktop vaporizer

FocusVape PRO Portable Vaporizer

You can adjust the temperature on your FocusVape up to 240°C, the display will show the battery level as well for your convenience. You can adjust the temperature with the +/- buttons, and for an added piece of mind, you can upgrade your FocusVape PRO with an Aqua Bubbler as well.

The Bottom Line

Vaporizers with a digitally-controlled display screen allow users to select the accurate temperature of the heating element. While analog-operated units do not inform you about the details of the temperature.

Digital vaporizers feed into the gap left by analog models that restricted temperature settings for temperature-conscious enthusiasts.
Although, they come at a premium pricing, a dry herb vaporizer with a digital display will allow you to explore temperature ranges for the finest vapor quality and depending on the model they can also tell you some other handy information, such as battery level, time left from your vaping session, fan speed (if applicable) and some can even show you the number of puffs you’ve ever taken.

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So if you are someone who likes gadgets with the latest technology, then digital vaporizers are certainly made for you. However, if you prefer simplicity and fewer things to worry about while vaping, you are best to go with an analog vape and save some money.

Or even better, consider adding some extras to your device that can further enhance your vaping experience, such as an aqua bubbler.

Still not sure which vape to get? Check out our Vaping Guide to find the most suitable vape for your lifestyle.

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