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How to Use Ares Recycler Dab Rig 2021 | Waxmaid


Every time you need a vaporizer, there are various options to consider. You get the best hits from what makes your day, but there are dab rigs that we can all agree to during use. The Ares recycler dab rig is one of them and has a modern model that you can present to friends.

It’s not your every other day dab rig, although it’s meant for daily use. Due to the technology thrown on it by Waxmaid, it may tend to be confusing before getting your first toke. Here we will look at what the dab rig contains when you order it and the best practices to deploy.

Package Contents

When the Waxmaid recycler dab rig arrives, it will have an excellent package and in it, there will be a honey-comb-designed bag with a comfortable handle. It has two zippers just like your typical suitcase and smell-proof too. The opening pack has a mesh pocket on one side.

That is where you will find the dab tool, Q-tips, and the cleaning brush. The rubber belt, user manual, and USB cable will also be there. The bigger part is designed to hold everything in place. That is why it’s a good traveling companion.

That is where you get the dab rig in whole, quartz atomizers, honeycomb percolator, octopus container, and silicone glass container. Everything is nicely packed, and if you are traveling, no one will notice, and it’s not baggage since it can fit in larger bags.

It’s also stylish to carry, and the only people who will be shouting out are fellow Waxmaid fans. If it’s the only thing you are having, the handle is comfortable and resistant to sweat. You can therefore enjoy your journey without getting concerned about what’s in your hand.

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Ares Recycler Dab Rig

Unpacking and Assembly

Once you open up, it’s all about collecting everything first. After that, the assembly takes a few minutes to kick start the recycler dab rig. Take the electric rig and first fit in the honeycomb percolator. After that, fill the glass container with water and close using the rig.

Connect the mouthpiece on the side and the atomizer on the top, starting with its holder first. Load it up with some good content from the octopus container using your dab tool. After that, use the carb cap to close with the belt going first on the atomizer’s lower part.

The belt acts as the cap holder when opened. When everything is assembled, now you are ready to kick start the Waxmaid dab rig.


Powering up the recycler dab rig is easy. All you need is the power button on the side. If it’s out of charge, it will take 2.5 hours to get it fully charged. Once it’s on, it heats up instantly, thanks to the quartz atomizer.

It takes up the heat immediately, and there is less heat loss when compared to the ceramic types. There are two modes to use when it’s on, and you can tell by the coloring on the indicator. There is the green mode which indicates the unit is at 475F.

The second mode goes yellow on the indicator, and that means the temperature is at 575F. To get the two temperatures, all you need is to press the power button a few times to achieve each, and that’s it.

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Pressing four times gets you to the green mode. Three more times will give you the yellow one. After that, you can toke for sixty sessions before the next recharge.

Ares Recycler Dab Rig

While charging, the Waxmaid rig uses the standard micro USB. So, it’s no hassle to juice it up before using it. It may take longer to charge but remember that there are sixty sessions after that.

If you are using it once in a while and forget to turn it off, the recycler dab rig handles itself by saving power. An auto-sleep function reminds it to turn off if it’s not in use for quite a long time.

When it’s time to retake a hit, just wake it up using the power button and give it a few dials to achieve the desired mode. After that, you are good to go.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you want to clean up, it’s easy since there are tools for that. You can use the Q-tips to clean the top atomizer part and the inner part too. For cleaner surfaces, there is a cleaning brush.

The mouthpiece, honeycomb percolator, and glass container are all dishwasher safe. The only thing you wouldn’t like touching the water is the electric rig itself. Cleaning these parts requires warm water and soap while they are still warm.

For the glass container and percolator, you can also use 70% concentrated alcohol. Mix it with a teaspoon of salt and then pour the solution into the container. After that, shake thoroughly before discarding.

Ares Recycler Dab Rig

After that, rinse well and leave the container to dry. You can also use the cleaning brush to clean the mouthpiece too. Handling it is easy since it’s built to stay in position. The container has a broader base area to provide a better sitting position.

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That means the light knocks cannot make it fall over. Also, due to the size, it’s something that you can even throw in your pocket and go. Whether you have the PU bag or not, it will never be a bother when it’s time to move.


The recycler dab rig from Waxmaid proves to be the next best invention for waterpipe users. The best thing about it is that it comes with everything you need to start using it. We hope that we have cleared out the confusion on how to best use the dab rig.

Now, it’s time to grab one from the Waxmaid website and have it delivered in no time. If there are any issues, you get a 90-day warranty after the purchase.

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