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What’s Special About Vaping?

Have you wondered why vaping is getting more and more popular? If yes, you probably think that the main reason for that is the trend for quitting smoking.

It’s a well-known fact that vapes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Hence, smokers turn to vaping because they want to reduce the amount of nicotine they consume. But let’s dig a little deeper and look at some other benefits that vaping brings to people.

First of all, vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking. This less expensive alternative helps to save money in the long run, which is a great advantage for anybody.

Also, it’s more socially acceptable than cigarettes. As the toxins contained in cigarette smoke harm people around you, this may negatively impact social activities. Vaping allows people to maintain communication with non-smokers and keep positive relationships with others.

What’s more, many people say that vaping tastes and smells better than cigarettes. There are various flavors of e-liquids available on the market, starting from fruit juices to cheesecake and bubblegum.

Another great thing about vaping is that it doesn’t leave a lingering odor on clothing and hair.

Essential Items for Vaping

To enjoy your vaping experience, you should take care of the following vape gear in your kit:

1. Vape Juice
When. you are ready to get started with vaping, you need to fill your device with your favorite vape juice. Choose the flavor that tastes best for you and always keep a few extra bottles of liquid in case you run out of it.

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2. Vape Coils
A vape coil or atomizer is a thing that transforms vape juice into vapor. If you buy a vaping starter kit, you will probably get a couple of different coils, so you can figure out which one suits you best.

atomizer cloudv

3. Vape Batteries
Don’t forget to purchase appropriate batteries to power your mod. However, if you’ve got a vape starter kit, it is likely to have enough batteries included. Still, it would be great to keep several extra batteries for replacement in your kit. By the way, you can get an external charger so you can charge additional batteries while using your vape.

4. Cases and Skins
Having a case with a layer of padding will protect your device if you accidentally drop it. Purchasing a full kit case will allow you to keep the gear not only safe but accessible in one place. Many vapers also use skins to change the visual appeal of their device and make it more personalized.

5. Replacement Pods
If you use the pod system, you should have pre-filled cartridges for cases when your pod runs dry. Have some extra pods around because there is always a risk that you will have no opportunity to refill your cartridge while traveling.

6. Charger Cables and Adapters
Pod system owners always need to care about having charger cables for their device so it won’t stop functioning at the worst possible time. It’s also important not to forget adapters for both home and automobile if you want to use the device consistently. Note that most pod systems have a built-in battery, so you can’t take it out and replace it with a new one.

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7. Sub-Ohm Tank
If you prefer sub-ohm vaping that produces big clouds of vapor, you should have a spare sub-ohm tank that is generally larger in size. Just in case you accidentally drop your vape and the tank cracks, you will have a backup.

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Travel Essentials Guide for Vapers

Before traveling, check if vaping is allowed at your destination. Seriously, it’s not accepted in all countries and might be completely forbidden in some parts of the world.

Although it’s fine to use vaping kits in Europe, some countries have banned this activity. For example, it’s illegal to vape in Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, and Uruguay. So always look up the regulations for the place you are traveling to and don’t break local laws.

If you are going to travel with your vape gear by public transport, you must know that there are some vaping restrictions for vapers. For instance, vaping is forbidden at most airports, so you always need to enquire if there is a special vaping area in the terminal.
Anyway, it would be better to vape outside before the security check because there is no guarantee that you’ll find an appropriate place inside.

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For security reasons, you should take your vape gear in a carry-on luggage. Don’t pack batteries into your case, take them on the board instead. Sometimes people put mods, RDAs, and tanks in hold luggage, but it’s also not a good idea. It would be safer to take them as a carry-on as well.

Make sure you use a vape bag or a kit case, so your gear is well protected while being transported. Remember that there are strict rules concerning liquids in a carry-on luggage, so you must avoid taking excessive e-liquids. It’s important to make them fit into bottles that don’t exceed 100ml in size.

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What vaping essentials do you travel with? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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