HoneyStick Elf 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporizer

HoneyStick Elf Auto Draw Ultracompact 510 Thread Oil Concealer

The HoneyStick Elf was one of the first completely buttonless 501 thread oil cartridge vaporizers to hit the market in early 2018. HoneyStick has quite a wide range of 510 thread vaporizers, however, most of them are designed with power and fire button. The Design of the HoneyStick Elf Oil Cartridge Vaporizer The Elf is … Read more

Crafty Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer - vaping cannabis

8 Beginner Cannabis Strains for Vaping or Smoking

Did you recently try cannabis and loved it? Are you charmed by the euphoric realms that cannabis gives to? It’s not uncommon. Smoking or vaping cannabis in a safe and responsible manner can be rather beneficial for you. For someone who is just starting, selecting the right strain can be a daunting experience. You might … Read more

Sticky Brick Junior Manual Vaporzier

The Sticky Brick Junior Manual Vaporizer Review

The Sticky Brick Junior is basically the portable vaporizer from Sticky Brick Labs line of vapes. We have reviewed the Sticky Brick Runt previously and was quite impressed with its performance. I have been using the Junior for a while lately and ready to share my experience. The Design of the Sticky Brick Junior Vaporizer … Read more

HoneyStick Bee Keeper 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporzier

HoneyStick Bee Keeper 2.0 510 Thread Vaporizer

In this post, we are reviewing the latest updated version of the original HoneyStick Bee Keeper 510 thread concealer that has been hugely popular. This affordable and versatile vaporizer is even more powerful after the updates. Let’s have a look at what’s new, how it works and what you get in the box. The Design … Read more

The Z 510 Thread Oil Concealer Battery by Mig Vapor

The ‘Z’ 510 Thread Oil Concealer Battery

The Z 510 Thread Oil Concealer Battery by Mig Vapor was previously called the Zigi. Many vaporizer companies make 510 thread vapes these days to service the growing 510 thread oil cartridge market in the legal states in the US. Canada is just about to allow these oil cartridges to be consumed as well at … Read more

Vaporizing CBD Cartridges

Vaporizing CBD – a Guide for Beginners

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a part of cannabis and hemp that has become renowned for its therapeutic properties. This plant ingredient does not cause intoxication, which has made it the perfect way to get the benefits of cannabis for many. Vaporizing emerged as a very popular way of obtaining CBD’s benefits, superseding smoking. While the dangers … Read more

CCell Silo 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporizer All Colors

CCell Silo 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Review

The newly released CCell Silo is the latest 510 thread portable oil cartridge vaporizer by CCell. The CCell Palm has been on the market for a while and has been wildly popular. The Silo is the new addition to the CCell family and it comes with a 500 mAh capacity rechargeable battery. The Design of … Read more

weed vape pens - why vaping popular

5 Best CBD Oil Vaporizers for 2019

When looking for a CBD vaporizer, there are typically two options to choose from. A. DisposableVaporizers Disposable vape pens are used a few times and then thrown away. However, they are not complicated to use and no charging is required. They give you a convenient, portable and discreet way of vaping CBD oils and come … Read more

Herb-e Intelligent Vapor Dry Herb Vaporzier

Herb-e Intelligent Vapor – Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Herb-e dry herb vaporzier is manufactured by Mig Vapor and we have been testing this dry herb pen for the last few weeks. The Herb-e is a discreet entry level vaporzier that is priced below $60 making it affordable for anyone wanting to switch to vaping from smoking joints or hitting bongs. The Design … Read more

HoneyStick AeroBee 510 thread Oil Cartridge Vaporzier

HoneyStick AeroBee 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Review

The HoneyStick AeroBee is one of the very few 510 Thread concealers that can provide full temperature control to the user. This can be extremely useful if you have a special type of oil that you’d like to vaporize at a specific temperature. It is also very handy to fine tune the vapor taste you … Read more

Vape Mod- enjoying your vape

5 All Year Vape Juices

Despite the large market that exists for vape juices, manufacturers continue to fight for customers all around the world. This has led to the production of better quality and better tasting e-juices over the years. A lot of thought is put into the quality and flavor of the e-juices to ensure that its vapers actually … Read more