5 Best CBD Oil Vaporizers for 2019

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5 Best CBD Oil Vaporizers for 2019

When looking for a CBD vaporizer, there are typically two options to choose from.

A. DisposableVaporizers

Disposable vape pens are used a few times and then thrown away. However, they are not complicated to use and no charging is required. They give you a convenient, portable and discreet way of vaping CBD oils and come loaded with everything: a wick, oil, atomizer, and battery.

B. ReusableVaporizers

Reusable vape pens tend to cost more than their disposable counterparts but are a great investment as you can use them for a long time.

There are mainly two types of reusable vape pens, cartridge-based and a refillable vape pen. Cartridge-based vape pens use batteries with interchangeable cartridges. You retain the vape pen but replace the cartridge.

On the other hand, a refillable vaporizer comes with a battery and combo tank. This implies that the device is integrated and only needs CBD vape oil refilling for you to vape using the best CBD vape pens.

We have compiled a list of top disposable and reusable CBD oil vaporizers of 2019 and regardless of your vaping needs, you’ll find one that suits you here.

#5 Mig Vapor Bug RX Vaporizer

Currently selling at $38.56, the Bug RX is a one-button device and works great at vaping CBD oils. It comes with a 1100mAh battery capacity features 510-threading and can output as much as 22W.

Mig Vapor Bug RX Oil Vape Pen - CBD Oil Vaporizers

Additionally, Bug RX can be temperature regulated. Bug RX’s tank holds up to 1.2ml of liquid, and the cell is well compatible with all 510 pre-filled CBD cartridges.

Better, the tank has a 1.2ohm pre-installed coil. The single button plays the powering/firing on function and is conveniently located for easy use.

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You can get this device in either a black or a stainless-steel color. The black make’s exterior has a soft rubber to give you a comfortable grip.

● Very compatible with many pre-filled tanks
● Easy to use
● Stylish design
● Lasting battery

● Low vapor production
● Can only be used with vape oils

#4 Mig Vapor SR-72 Vaporizer for Thick Oils

Selling at $57.86, Mig Vapor SR-72 is undeniably one of the most popular vape pens. It comes to a 3ml tank alongside a 1300mAh battery, although you can upgrade its tank to a higher capacity and get a variable voltage battery if you are a more experienced user.

Mig Vapor sr72 aspire 1300 vapor kit - CBD vaporizer

SR-72 has one control button and is among the most easy-to-use CBD oil vaporizers. When using, you can easily see an LED indicator ring around its central button.

The purpose of this is keeping you updated on the battery’s life progress.

Another feature is a dual-bottom coil with a 1.8 ohms resistance. The bottom vertical coil (BVC) makes the SR-72 stand out from many makes in the market today.

This is because BVC absorbs oils more efficiently than horizontal coils, and thus results in the creation of vapor clouds with a better taste.

The SR-72 battery outputs 4.2V, and SR-72’s 1600mAh battery version is capable of offering an output as high as 4.8V.
Mig Vapor SR-72 would work best for you if you constantly vape thick oils.

It is an affordable option and dependable by both entry-level and veteran vapers. With an upgrade option, veterans will find this CBD vape even handier.

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● Large capacity tank
● Affordable price
● Great design and portability

● Upgrading this tank costs more

#3 Canna Blast Oil Vaporizer Pen

These CBD oil vaporizers from Mig Vapor retail at only $28.90 and come with a battery and tank for vaping essential oil efficiently. Its battery has a 380mAh capacity, while its tank holds up to 1.7ml oil.

With one-button located conveniently for powering on and operation, this device is easy to use.

Canna Blast’s battery gives a 4.2V output.

Another feature is a stainless-steel coil with a 0.05ohms backed inside this vaporizer’s tank. The reservoir has Pyrex glass as well as ceramic elements at the mouthpiece and coil.

The vape pen’s mouthpiece is sealed ceramic to allow for better flavor quality.

Both Canna Blast’s tank and battery are 510-threaded and are thus compatible with other units. You can reuse the tank for as much as
up to 15-20 refills. The cell can be recharged using a wall charger or a USB adapter.

● Portable and Lightweight
● Quick charging time
● Easy to use
● Great coil life
● Very affordable

● Low powered & limited battery life

#2 CBDfx Vaporizer Pen

Coming in a pack of 12 pens and selling at $149.88,CBDfx Vape Pen is no doubt one of the leading vape pens in the market.

Sold with the strawberry lemonade flavor, this vape pen is loaded with 30mg of proprietary oil from organically grown hemp plants.

Other ingredients are propylene glycerin, vegetable, and natural flavors to assist with the vapor production.

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No buttons are included in the make of this pen, but its use is easy and straight forward. You can start vaping as soon as you have it from the box and you’ll not have to stress over recharging.

● Can be readily used right from the package
● A 30mg dosage
● The CBD product in it comes from natural organic hemp plants

● Quite costly

#1 Select CBD Vaporizer Pens

Selling at $49.99, these Vape Pens are handy and disposable. Each pen comes with 0.5ml CBD oil with a blend of citrus flavors. THC content in the oil is below 0.3%, and coconut and grapefruit tastes can be easily noted.

Better, the CBD oil in these pens has been derived from fully natural hemp plants.

For precise vapor production, Select CBD Vape Pens have ceramic coils and cotton wicks inside. The pack comes with three vape pens, and each has a different effect. These include relax, revive, and focus.

Revive pens offer more concentration, focus, and ease anxiety. They normally last 150 puffs and an effect is typically realized in about 15 minutes.

● Totally self-contained with no need for loading or charging
● Variety – you can choose from Relax, Revive, and Focus
● Different flavors to choose from – lemon, coconut and lavender

Final Word

The ideal CBD vaporizer/ vape pen is portable, easy-to-use, and affordable. The right vape pen for you will all depend on your preferences and needs but if you want an affordable make with good battery life, the Mig Vapor Bug RX might suit you well.

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The Canna Blast Oil Vape Pen will give you the convenience of a great coil and ease of recharging, while the SR-72 will be good if you’re fond of vaping thick oils.

CBDfx Vape Pens offer a high CBD oil extract concentration while the Select CBD disposable Vape Pen provides you with a variety of effects and flavors.

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If you know other vapes that should be included in the best CBD oil vaporizers list, let us know in the comments below!
Melrose Aguilar

Melrose Aguilar

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