Product Spotlight|The Zephyr Ion Review

By Samantha Eden
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Product Spotlight|The Zephyr Ion Review

So we recently decided to welcome the Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer to our range. We were a little surprised by its size and design when we first opened the box and there were mixed opinions about the “artistic design”. However, in saying this, we chose to bring it to VapeFuse due to the huge fan base it has, as well as the quality experience it promises.

So I wanted to do a quick Zephyr Ion Review of its overall quality and design as well as use.

The Zephyr is a luxury balloon and whip desktop vaporizer that produces both precise LCD display temperature and cool, crisp, fresh vapor. With Zephyr vaporizers specializing in their one model and constantly adding new accessories or upgraded parts to better suit their customers, makes them a truly unique brand.

The Zephyr Ion Kit

So when you do get your very own Zephyr, these are the items you can expect to get in your kit:

  • 2 balloon bags
  • 2 baskets
  • 1 pad for vaping waxes or oil extracts
  • 2 replacement air filters
  • 2 replacement basket seal washers
  • 4 replacement bags with ties
  • 4 replacement screens
  • 1 USB cord
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

They certainly provide what is required to get yourself set up and running as any good quality vaporizer company does.

Eye Catching Design


Zephyr Ion Review

But let’s take a moment to talk about the design. As rumour has it, the body and functions were designed by an artist, which is why it has an eye catching unique look.

It is a sturdy structure, so not easily carried around the home, but definitely, something which will last and not easily is knocked over (BONUS!)

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The flip-top design makes it easy to access and fill the chamber.

Unlike other vaporizers, the Zephyr has an enclosed ceramic heating element which has separate heat and air channels keeping the air away from the heating coils.

The vapor produced by this device never touches the coils themselves, making it cleaner.

How to Use the Zephyr Ion

Like most other quality vaporizers, the Zephyr Ion heating is controlled, so it releases a purer vapor giving you the full experience of the natural benefits. So here is a brief look at how to use it.


All you need to control your unit is on the large user-friendly display at the bottom of the device. Large buttons to turn it on next to the display and heating buttons below it.

There is also now a function where you can manage your Zephyr using Bluetooth! It is still being tested but customers are encouraged to give it a go, click to check out how to test it here.  You can switch it on from anywhere you are using your phone or tablet. In your manual, it is called the USB remote start function (compatible PC and software required).

They are still working out the details, but it’s a cool feature customers can’t wait to use. But until it’s ready the user interface is easy and device only takes a few steps to get set up.

Filling With Dry Herbs

You can remove the heating chamber while preheating the unit, this allows you time to scoop your dry herbs into the chamber.

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Preheating Unit

Preheat Zephyr by turning on the unit, using the two buttons located underneath the digital display to select your preferred vaping temperature.


The heating element takes less than 5 mins to heat up even on the highest setting.

Vaping Your Herbs

Place the basket back onto the unit and close the top (you’ll know the latch is closed when makes a click sound).

Balloon Attachment

Take one of the provided balloons, press the lever that opens the air pathway and slide it onto the unit before releasing the lever.

Filling the Balloon

Turn on the fan once the balloon is attached. Watch as the balloon inflates, turn off fan before taking balloon off, using the lever inhale through the air pathway.

Bag fills in under 1 min and also contains a pressure (squeeze) valve that will hold the vapor in the bag, allowing you the luxury of vaping at your own pace.

So that is a basic rundown on how it functions, not too much different to a quality balloon vaporizer like the Volcano and Extreme Q.

Customers Corner

“The Zephyr is a 90 out of 100”

~ The Vape Critic

“The Zephyr Ion is an aromatherapy vaporizer that is affordable to everyone, while offering more user friendly feature that higher priced models. A 6.8 out of 10.”
~ Know Techie

Super ease to use, sturdy, and great vapor quality.”
~ Lakeshow, rated 5 stars

Zephyr Pros & Cons

Pros Cons

Fully enclosed heating chamber

Some vapers have found the Zephyr’s air pump to be too loud, even going as far as comparing the sound of the air pump to  “a fish tank air pump”

Removable basket

It is fairly large and heavy, so not recommended to move around a lot.

Ceramic heating element

10 ft long cord gives users an easy time maneuvering the machine around

Squeeze valve for bag

New whip attachment

Complex heating system that features 32 separate heat and air channels

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With Zephyr creators continuously working on accessories based on customer needs, vapers can now enjoy the Zephyr whip attachment eliminating this former Zephyr con.

The Smoothest Operator

With ceramic heating, precise temperature settings, and quality mouthpieces the Zephyr has a well-known reputation for providing one of the smoothest, cleanest, vapors for users.

VapeFuse happily welcomes Zephyr to our top shelf desktop vaporizers, joining other fabulous models such as Volcano and Arizer.

If you haven’t decided which vaporizer to get, check out our vaping guide for more useful information.

Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden is a journalists who specializes in alternative medicine, medical cannabis, and holistic beauty.

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