The Best Vaporizer for Vaping Medical Cannabis

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The Best Vaporizer for Vaping Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is quickly gaining its popularity for medical and wellness use. In the US alone, medical marijuana has been legalized in many states while adult use is also allowed in some. Among many application methods, dry herb vaping is a very popular way of ingesting cannabis.

Due to its simplicity, people choose to utilize dry herb vaporizers for their daily medical cannabis intake.

In Australia, a whopping 91% of the population thinks medical cannabis should be allowed in the country. According to studies, 4 out of 10 people in the 50-year-old group or older use cannabis weekly. A large percentage of these people prefers to use dry herb vaporizers as their main device for applying cannabis.

Let’s get to know more about the features that you should look for in the best dry herb vaporizer for medical cannabis.

The 3 Top Cannabis Vaporizer

Arizer Air Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

This is a great portable vaporizer that has a compact design and high-tech features. It has a chamber that is made of stainless steel to efficiently vaporize your cannabis due to its even heat distribution. With the Arizer Air dry herb vaporizer, you only have to wait for 100 to 120 seconds to heat up and start your session.

Another great thing about the Arizer Air is its high-tech ceramic heating component. This feature allows this vaporizer to be used with five temperature levels. There are also five colour-coded heat settings that are integrated into this device so you can choose the one that works best for your herbs.

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Furthermore, it is built with a glass mouthpiece that enhances the quality of vapor and gives you a better taste of your cannabis. It is a simple, easy to use a vaporizer that many medical cannabis patients use around the world.

FocusVape Pro Portable Vaporizer with Bubbler

FocusVape Pro Portable VaporizerFocusVape Portable Vaporizer

This is an advanced dry herb vaporizer from iFocus Technology that comes with an OLED display, which shows its current temperature. It offers a wide range of temperature settings from 80°C to 240°C which is great for cannabis use. The temperature setting is controlled by its two multi-functional button controls.

The FocusVape Pro comes with a ceramic heating chamber that allows for an excellent glass to glass convection. A ceramic chamber is great to use for vaping medical cannabis since it promotes an even spreading of heat. It also has a glass mouthpiece that let you draw a thick vapor, with an enhanced flavor of your cannabis.

Aside from all of its features, this vaporizer comes with a glass bubbler that cools the warm vapor from the device. This results in a cool and smooth draw that is gentle to the throat of the user. Depending on the specific medical advice, of course, this may be suitable for those who use medical cannabis to battle throat cancer.

Arizer Extreme Q Digital Herbal Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

This is another great product from Arizer that is sure to meet all of your needs when it comes to vaping medical cannabis. The Extreme Q is a desktop vaporizer that comes with a dual stainless-steel case which allows you to touch its exterior even when in use. It is built with an LCD display and four buttons that let you control the device with ease.

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This desktop vaporizer features a glass cyclone bowl that activates a balanced air distribution throughout the device. This results in a more effective vaping process and a fuller, more flavorful vapor. It is great to use for medicinal cannabis as it has an adjustable temperature setting with a range of 50°C to 260°C so you can choose one that works best for your cannabis.

The Extreme Q comes with a fan that has three-speed levels. You can take advantage of its balloon and whip inhalation methods that are great for vaping medical cannabis. The Extreme Q’s aromatherapy feature is also favored by many, as you can fill your home with the wonderful aroma of dry herbs and essential oils. It also has a remote control that allows you to operate it from a distance.

Portable vs Desktop Vaporizers

Herbal Vaporizers

The main difference between a portable and desktop vaporizer is its size. Most portable vaporizers fit in your pocket and you can take it with you anywhere you go. On the other hand, desktop vaporizers are best left in the house as it can be a hassle transporting them. When it comes to the quality of vapor, a desktop vaporizer usually produces a thicker vapor with a fuller flavor.

Another difference between the two is their power source. Desktop vaporizers rely on an external power source, which can be advantageous because you don’t need to buy and charge batteries. Meanwhile, portable vaporizers rely on batteries to heat up your cannabis leaves and buds. Aside from being costly, this also limits the use of dry herb vaporizers until the next charge.

Looking For a Discreet Portable Vape?

In the end, it all boils down to your preference and needs. If you’re a person who is on-the-go and mostly uses cannabis for wellness, it’s best to get a portable vaporizer. On the other hand, if you prefer to stay at home for medication purposes, a desktop vaporizer will work wonders for you.

Consider a Water Bubbler

FocusVape Aqua Bubbler

A water bubbler is a great accessory for your dry herb vaporizer. It helps cool the warm vapor to give you a smoother draw that is easy on your throat. People who are not feeling well or who are suffering from throat diseases may use this for medication purposes, after consulting a medical professional. You can also just use it solely for the smooth vapor that it produces.

Vaping vs Smoking Cannabis

For health-conscious enthusiasts, vaping medical cannabis is a better choice as it tends to be gentler on your lungs. Although smoking cannabis is said to counter cancer, it is said that burning a joint still produces carcinogens. Most cannabis smokers turned vapers attest that their lungs feel better after making the switch.

Vaping is also more discreet compared to smoking cannabis. This is beneficial if you are in a crowd and you want to take a hit of your dry herbs. When it comes to getting high, vaping can hit you hard after taking a few puffs from it.

However, for those who use cannabis for medical purposes, even taking one hit may be enough to feel the medical effects.

As a side note, vaping is a more cost-effective way of using cannabis. With medical cannabis prices soaring high at many parts of the world, you want to be able to maximize your medicine. With a great dry herb vaporizer, you only need a small amount of cannabis to feel the effects that you are looking for.

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Vaping medical cannabis is making its way into the limelight. With a number of US states allowing medical and wellness use, dry herb vaping will surely be the next biggest thing. In Australia, 91% of the population support the legalization of medical cannabis raising the demand for dry herb vaporizers.

There is a wide range of vaporizers for cannabis sold in the market today.

However, you have to look for one that fits your lifestyle and your needs. There are also accessories like a water bubbler that you can purchase to enhance your vaping experience.

Overall, cannabis enthusiasts support vaping as one of the most efficient ways to use medical cannabis. Not only is it gentle to your lungs, it also helps you get a fuller flavor and a better medicinal value.

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