Vaping Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts

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With the trend of vaporizing on the rise, many users have developed what is called ‘vaping etiquette’. These are respectable behaviours both publicly and socially when vaping.  In this article, we look into the do’s and don’ts guide for vapers of all types.

Public Protocol

There are two main codes vapers should follow while in public to show politeness.

1. Always ask the establishment

It is very important to remember while vaporizing that it is very different to traditionally smoking. Many locations and people may not be comfortable with it. You should always ask permission before vaping. Practicing this small act will help to not spoil vaping in public for the future.

No Vaping Sign

2. Courtesy for children

While the risk proven of second-hand damage is virtually zero many people do not want their children exposed to vapors for many reasons especially allergies. The best thing to do when passing a child always blow your vape up and away from the child’s direction.

Social Graces

When it comes to vaping at social events or parties there are a few more suggested guidelines to follow.

#1Ask the host – Always check with the host about what dry herbs and oils they allow and if vaping is indoors or outdoors.
#2Inquire – You should also try obtaining a list of other guest’s intolerances, allergies, and preferences to dry herbs and oils.
#3Party favors – While B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Vapage) is obvious unless stated otherwise it is always nice to bring a little extra for the other guest, friends, and charming newbie’s.
#4Mechanics – Unless the host is an avid vaper you should always bring your own vaporizer. This can be anything from portable to a desktop.
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Simple suavities

Now, that you know the basic etiquette for public and social vaping you can confidently go about your everyday vaping with ease.

These simple steps help to not only keep away stigma towards the vaping culture they add a class, respect, and sophistication to the hobby.

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden

Samantha Eden is a journalists who specializes in alternative medicine, medical cannabis, and holistic beauty.

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