VapeFuse at the 2018 Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo

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VapeFuse at the 2018 Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo

Hey VapeFusers!

We recently made it down to Sydney to exhibit at the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo where we got to meet up with a bunch of awesome herb vapers and set them up with their perfect match!

Here at VapeFuse we take joy in helping you to find your optimum vaping experience, so to have the opportunity to chat and show you guys our huge range of vapes in person was a real dream come true!

Driving to Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018

The expo ran over two days, starting on the 12th and ending on the 13th of May. There was a massive turnout and a huge range of stalls on display, with the main theme being, of course, cannabis!

Aside from the various retailers on display, there was also a bunch of informational booths that were there with the sole purpose of spreading knowledge and spreading love!

VapeFuse Booth - Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018

The preparation and setup was a long process, but we knew that Sydney would be expecting a show so we came in with our complete product line, including a bunch of vapes under $79, so we knew that there’d be a vape for everyone!

At the end of the second day, we’d almost sold out, which is super exciting as it gives us a chance to restock and get in some brand new vaporizers that we’ve been experimenting with for a while.

VapeFuse vape range - Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018

We said goodbye to the FocusVape Adventurer, and also had to bid ‘bon voyage’ to the brand new Flowermate line of vapes, the Flowermate Swift Pro and the Flowermate V5 Nano.

Not to worry though, they’ll be back in stock in no time!

VapeFuse - Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018

As quick as the X Vape Vista came, so too did it go! I was sad to see this one go as I didn’t get a chance to try it out through my water pipe using the eNail.

I’m super happy that we got to find it a new home, and I’m sure the owner will be putting its optimized quartz nail and extended bubbler to use!

Vapes at the VapeFuse Booth - Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo2018

Arguably the biggest announcement from the event was the release of our new range of GrindeROOs!

The 4-piece metal grinders are optimized for crushing your green herbs and are the second in the line of Aussie designed grinders.

Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018

We had an awesome time getting to know you guys at the Sydney HHI and can’t wait to catch up again and unleash some new vapes onto the Aussie scene at the Melbourne HHI in December!

If you missed us at the Sydney HHI event and wanted to check in and ask some questions about herb vaping, drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you right away!

Driving home from Sydney Hemp Health & Innovation Expo 2018




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