The Updated Vapman Manual Vaporizer

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Manual vaporizers are becoming more and more popular year after year. And for a good reason. They produce pure, clean-tasting vapor that is very attractive.

The first manual vaporizer as well as the first portable vaporizer was the Swiss designed and made Vapman, back in 2005.

The Updated Vapman handmade in Italy

We reviewed the Vapman here at VapeFuse, back in 2018 and really liked the incredible quality vapor it creates. Now, almost 20 years after the initial prototype of this revolutionary vaporizer Vapman has been taken over by the Italian duo of Michael and David.

The manufacturing continues to be made by hand but it has been relocated to Italy. The Vapman vape and kit have been updated and in this post, I’ll share with you my thoughts on this classic vape.

What’s Changed?

The packaging has been totally revamped. The old recycled cardboard box is out and now the updated Vapman comes in a fancy wooden box with a sliding top.

In the box, you’ll find the Vapman and its signature hemp plastic egg case. The case is very handy to protect the Vapman and very easy to open and close.

Parts and accessories

The user’s manual has been totally redesigned to suit the new branding. It surely looks more attractive and better presented than the old Swiss-made version, to feel more like a ‘natural’ product that the Vapman is.

Classic Set vs Pure Set

The vaporizers themselves are made out of Italian olive wood and now there is a ‘pure set’ available without the mica protective layer.

If you are familiar with Vapman’s design, you may recall that the original Vapman has a mica heat-protective layer around the bottom. The new Pure Vapman has no mica layer, so the olive wood is more exposed to the heat, creating natural carbonation of the timber over time.

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The original Vapman with the mica is also available, now called the ‘classic set’.


Vapman mouthpiece options

There has been an update to the available mouthpieces as well. Now you have more options for mouthpieces depending on your preferences.

A new long Borosilicate glass mouthpiece has been introduced, which is pretty cool as it creates more distance and enables you to monitor your vapor production through the glass.

Besides the glass piece you also have options for olive wood, white or black P.O.M. as well as inox and titanium. That pretty much covers everything that you can ever think of in terms of the mouthpiece.

You also get a cool branded pouch to keep supplied screwdriver and cleaning brush organized.

Vaping accessories in bag

This is definitely a vaporizer that lasts a lifetime and is well worth the investment. Manual vaporizers are such a great way to consume your herbs and the Vapman is also perfect for vaping hash or keef.

A perfect vaporizer for microdosing.

I could not recommend the Vapman highly enough.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have any experience using the original or the updated Vapman.
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