VapMan Vape Review: VapeFuse Manual Vape Review

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VapMan Vape Review: VapeFuse Manual Vape Review

VapeFuse recently reviewed the VapMan Manual Vape! This Swiss-made portable vape is super high-quality and emits some of the finest vapor on the market.

Anything that’s made in Switzerland is generally of the highest quality, such as their knives, watches, and of course, chocolate!

The VapMan is no different and is the connoisseur’s weapon of choice in terms of terpene and flavonoid extraction. Its flavor profile falls somewhere between a Lotus Vape and a DynaVap M. Total class.

With simple discreet packaging similar to that of the original Arizer Solo and Air, four words are all that this box needs to reveal the wonders that lie within.

Switzerland is actually quite well known for its manual vaporizers, as both the VapMan and the Vapor Genie come from the tiny landlocked country.

You’ll be pleased to know that the VapMan crew maintained the same ‘neutral’ color scheme with the design of their device. The VapMan is relatively simple to look at, yet intricate in both design and operation.

VapMan Vaporizer

With its beautiful polished-wood finish, the VapMan would look more at home in a boutique than a head shop, but this thing is a herb vaping monster all the same!

The little hard-plastic egg that the VapMan comes in is great for keeping all of the parts in place while you are out and about, and it even includes an aluminum filling ring for packing up the chamber.

One of the many benefits of working with wood is that each VapMan is beautifully unique in its own right, with different contours and etchings on each model.

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VapMan Vaporizer unit

To get started with your VapMan manual vape you simply have to remove the mouthpiece and filter screen from the herb chamber.

This is done by twisting the wooden mouthpiece section gently in an anti-clockwise direction. As you can see from the image above, the craftsmanship is just outstanding.

Each individual bracket and screw has been placed there by hand, making this one of the easiest vaporizers on the market to clean and maintain.

VapMan Vaporizer mouthpiece filter

The wooden mouthpiece section of the VapMan vape contains three parts; the food-grade plastic mouthpiece, the wooden housing, and this stainless steel filter screen on the base.

This filter helps to generate a convection herb vapor and keeps herb particles out of your vapor path. While the holes may appear comparatively large next to a normal screen, they definitely get the job done.

VapMan Vaporizer chamber

Underneath the mouthpiece section is the baking chamber. This chamber is general is one of the most unique that I’ve come across as it only accommodates a minuscule 0.05-0.1 grams of dried ground herb!!

For anyone that is pretty in the know about herb vaping, you’ll know how utterly obscene that sounds. What your seeing above is not even the final form, as I was yet to slide the filter screen in yet when I snapped the pic.

Most portable vapes like the Storz & Bickel Crafty and even the Arizer Solo require a minimum of 0.25-0.4 grams of dried herb but the VapMan is a true microdose vaporizer that is super economical in terms output.

VapMan Vaporizer heating element

In true Swiss fashion, the heat-resistant walls of the wooden housing have been coated in gold flake to ensure that your wood is not being scorched.

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That being said, this gold flake can become prone to flaking if care isn’t ensured throughout the heating process. A full guide on heating and vaping herbs with your VapMan will be coming in the next week or so.

While this is not necessarily recommended, if your chamber requires a clean or soak in some isopropyl alcohol for a deep clean, you can remove the copper heating chamber from the housing with the included screwdriver.

VapMan Vaporizer packing it up

Packing this vaporizer is a little tricky owing to the petite chamber, so you’re going to want to forget everything you’ve ever thought about packing a vape’s chamber.

Using a medium-fine grind is the best bet here as too small a grind will result in particle inhalation and too chunky will just not fit. The best grinder for use with vapes is a GrindeROO 4-Piece Herb Grinder – period.

To pack the VapMan, simply insert the metal filling ring and place a very small amount of dried ground herb around the copper heating pin, making sure that you are not spilling your herbs over the side.

VapMan Vaporizer spent chamber

Any herbs that are protruding from the chamber are simply going to be combusted when you apply heat to the chamber, so make sure you are blowing away or scraping up any protruding crumbs.

The herb depicted above is the result of ten to fifteen large draws. Looking at the AVB you can see that the herb is still in a salvageable condition and showing little sign of wear aside from a minor color change.

Aside from that, this minuscule chamber, which we measured out at just under 0.1 grams, got two fully grown daily-vapers stoned to the gills! Unbelievable, huh?

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VapMan Vaporizer Kit

Included in the VapMan’s Basic Kit is:

  • VapMan Basic Wood Vaporizer
  • Hard Plastic Carry Shell
  • Branded Single-Flame Torch Lighter
  • Filling Aid
  • Filter Screen
  • VapMan Branded Carry Pouch
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning Brush

While this vaporizer is comparatively tricky to master than an electrical equivalent, the rewards are plentiful if you can get your head around the heating style.

The VapMan manual vape offers connoisseur-grade vapor quality and phenomenal clouds, all in an intricate little package.

Keep your eyes peeled for the VapMan in the VapeFuse Store!



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