Sneak Peek: GreenLightVapes G9 TC Port eRig/eNail

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Concentrate vaping continues to improve in 2018 with more and more wax vaporizers constantly dropping! If you love dabbing on the go, these vapes are the ideal way to consume your concentrate.

In the past, concentrates were consumed via hot knife or in a spliff. These days that technology has grown to include dab rigs, eNails, and now……. eRigs!

G9 TC Port

A traditional dab is taken through a glass water pipe via the use of a heated nail or banger like the one above. It takes time to heat the nail up and let it cool, you always need to have butane lying around, and the noise the torch emits is super loud!

With an eRig or eNail, you’re basically mimicking the effects of a traditional dabbing experience while taking away the need for a torch.

G9 TC Port

One of the hottest new eRigs on the market right now is the G9 TC Port concentrate vaporizer from US designer GreenLightVapes.

The G9 TC Port has a similar frame to the Dr. Dabber Boost which I compared to the CloudV ElectroMini eRig earlier this year.

Featuring an awesome recycler-esque design, the G9 TC Port is one of the most aesthetically pleasing eRigs on the market.

G9 TC Port

If you’re into getting your dab on whilst your on-the-go, the G9 TC Port’s removable 3000mAh 18650 battery can be swapped out in seconds and replaced so that you can keep the session going for days at a time.

With the included Micro-USB charging cable you can keep the device charged via your laptop port, car charger, or even a USB power bank!

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G9 TC Port


The G9 TC Port represents high-performance concentrate vaporization into a beautiful package. It’s recycler-style aqua-bubbler is magnificently crafted and is reminiscent of a high-end water pipe.

Keep an eye out for GreenLightVape’s G9 TC Port eRig in the VapeFuse store and check out our great deals below to get vaping today!

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