The New Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter with Glass Screen and Why You Should Get One

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The New Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter with Glass Screen and Why You Should Get One

Canadian vaporizer manufacturer, Arizer has recently come out with a new all-glass elbow adapter for their highly popular Extreme Q desktop vaporizers.

The new all-glass elbow piece also fits their V-Tower desktop vape and if you own either an Extreme Q or V-Tower, you might be interested in this new all-glass elbow.

Old and new Arizer Glass Elbow Adpaters

The glass adapter on the Extreme Q and V-Tower still comes with the traditional glass elbow with the stainless steel dome screen, however, now they make the elbow adapter without the stainless steel screen.

The new all-glass elbow pieces have glass holes on them, much like the Arizer aroma tubes to get rid of the stainless steel screen.

Why would you want to get rid of the stainless steel, you might be wondering…

Arizer new All-Glass Elbow Adapter with old elbow adapter

We have done a lot of research here at VapeFuse about the safety of stainless steel in the vapor path and come to the conclusion that high-quality stainless steel is safe to have in your vapor path.

I personally don’t mind having stainless steel in my vapor path but, I do know that many members of our community do not like it.

They say that it gives a little taste to the vapor, however, I don’t feel it to be honest.

The New Arizer All Glass Elbow Adaptor with Extreme Q

So one of the reasons why this is good news for many VapeFusers is that they don’t like stainless steel in the vapor path.

That is not the reason why I love this new all-glass elbow though.

The other reason why this is awesome is that some dome screens have the tendency to keep falling out from the original style glass elbow.

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Old and New Arizer Glass Elbow Adapters

This is the most common ‘complaint’ we receive about the elbow adapters. The screen can keep falling out and you have to play around with it to squeeze it a little bit so it becomes a wider in one direction and stays in the elbow.

With the new all-glass elbow there is no screen to fall out ever, so this problem is completely solved.

Cleaning it might be a little trickier though as it is harder to get to the area right behind the screen. Soaking it in rubbing alcohol will most likely be the best way of going about it.

All Arizer glass parts are handmade in Canada, giving the ultimate piece of mind for purity and quality of the glass parts.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this new glass elbow adapter with glass screen by Arizer and grab one for yourself today at the VapeFuse store.

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