How to Dose CBD Through Vaping

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Estimating the dosage when vaping CBD may not be easy, but vaping has its advantages, and that’s why many people choose it. Inhalation has a much higher bioavailability than other means of consuming CBD. This means that you need less CBD when vaping, as most of the product will get into your bloodstream.

The lungs are more efficient than other organs since CBD gets in with the same air you breathe, and your organs and cells need that air immediately. This also means that inhalation has a quick onset. It will take only a few minutes to feel the effects of CBD vape juice compared to ingestion, which may take even an hour.

Studies show that inhalation has a bioavailability of more than 50%, while ingestion is just 13%-19%. But the quick onset of effects also means that they don’t last long. Inhalation has an effect window of about two to four hours.

How to Dose Your CBD Vape Juice

Cannabinoids are not easy to dose, and that’s why there is no universal dosage guideline. It’s an individual responsibility to find the perfect dosage.

Like all cannabinoids, CBD acts on various molecular pathways, leading to a different experience for every individual. Several factors determine an individual’s dosage. These include:

  • The condition you are treating
  • CBD strength
  • Your body weight
  • Your body chemistry

The question for most first-time or novice CBD users is the amount of CBD they should take. Based on the individual variables mentioned above, only you can determine how much CBD your body needs. It’s a self-discovery journey that will take you a while.

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There is no simple answer to dosing CBD. In the beginning, you will have to experiment, starting with lower to higher doses until you find that sweet spot.

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective methods of delivery because of its high bioavailability. You can choose to vape through two methods:

  • CBD vape juice
  • CBD oil cartridges

Your CBD juice must also be designed for vaping if you are to vape effectively. Products like tinctures are for ingestion and not inhalation, but they may come in similar bottles as vape juice.

Best CBD Vape Oil

First, you need to know how much CBD your oil contains. This should be available on the label of the CBD juice bottle. It is important to get the right amount of CBD because taking an excess amount is not in any way beneficial.

But you also don’t want to take inadequate doses because you will not get the desired benefits. So, you must get the dosage right. You also don’t want to spend more since it does not come cheap. So, getting the correct dosage will also save you money.

The vape juice contains oils, cannabinoids, and other compounds. Not everything in the bottle is CBD. Check the label to determine the concentration of CBD in mg. You need to divide the concentration of CBD in mg with the volume of the bottle, which is in mL. This gives you the concentration of CBD in mg/mL.

Example: With a 50mL bottle and a CBD concentration of 500mg, you need to divide 500/50 to get 10 mg/mL, which is your CBD concentration. All you have to do is divide the concentration by your tank’s capacity to know how much CBD is in the tank.

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Next, determine the size of your vaping device. Most vape tanks have a capacity of 0.5 mL to 5 mL. If your bottle has a dropper, then it’s even easier. Just know the dropper’s measurement in milligrams, and you will know how many milligrams of CBD you’ve put in the device.

You don’t have to worry about these calculations for devices that use a cartridge since they come with predetermined capacity and potency. Once you know the tank’s CBD concentration, you will know how much CBD you consumed every time you finish a single tank.

The next step is to calculate the amount of CBD in a single puff. This is also tricky to estimate because it depends on many variables. For example, not every puff is the same, and individuals have different vaping styles.

Some devices, such as vape mods, have features that make it possible to count the puffs. You can do this manually, but it’s quite a challenge unless you record how many puffs you take every time you vape. You can estimate the amount of CBD in each puff by counting the number of puffs it takes to empty the cartridge.

Bottom Line!

There is no correct CBD dosage that suits everyone. So, don’t ask your vendor how much CBD you should take. Instead, ask for advice on finding the perfect dosage for your body. It will take some time before you find that perfect dosage.

A simple piece of advice is to start with a weak dose and adjust upwards slowly until you reach a spot that offers the effects you need.

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