Herb Grinders Analogs: Top Options

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Herb Grinders Analogs: Top Options

The grinder makes your smoking experience smooth and advanced. It shreds the weed you picked evenly so that you can spread it and roll it into a joint. However, what if you forget your 6 inch herb grinder at home? We are so used to these small handy items that it looks impossible to shred the herb without them. But don’t get upset so easily; the tools you can use are all around you.

Be Creative

It is a common situation that happens once in a lifetime with even the most self-disciplined of us. While you are thinking about an upcoming party or daily problems, you may completely forget about such a small thing as a grinder.

Luckily, you did not forget about stash and papers or a bong. Don’t leave everything and go home yet. Concentrate and think about the alternatives to the grinder you can find here and now.

Herb Grinders

4 Options to Use at Home

If you come to another house with the weed to smoke, and there is no grinder, you can easily find alternatives. Check the most popular and obvious options that can be found in any house.

1. Coffee grinder

Practically everyone drinks coffee nowadays. In almost every house, there is a coffee grinder which usually does the same job as a similar model you use for weed.

Remove all the coffee beans you may find there, and throw the buds inside. Make sure the coffee grinder is clean of coffee before you use it, and clean of weed after you use the device. Watch carefully for the time you grind it. If the kitchen instrument is too powerful, you will receive a powder in no time.

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2. Mortar with pestle

It looks like something from the Middle Ages, which is possibly true. Yet, many households still have it, even if it is just an art object nowadays.

Use the pestle carefully, and try to move your hand evenly. Before you start, make sure that the mortar is clean. Don’t grind the herb aggressively if you don’t want it to fly around the kitchen. Be patient! This work can take a longer time.

3. Chopping board and the knife

If you are so desperate to consider pestle and mortar, you may also try a simple knife. You have to make even cuts. It is still the simplest method to shred the weed. You need to dice it until you’re satisfied with the size of the shredded herb.

Don’t cut it into powder. If you have a chef’s knife, it is the best. However, it is highly unlikely that you receive similar even pieces as you could get with the grinder.

4. Cheese grater

This is a smart solution. If you don’t want to use a knife and don’t trust a pestle, try a cheese grater. It shreds the weed into even pieces. Still, it is important to clean the grater in advance.

Besides, it may be less comfortable to perform the procedure than cutting the weed with a knife. You may leave a huge mess afterwards. Remember to always watch your fingers! Don’t press the herb too hard to the grater.

On the Go

This scenario may happen to you as well. Your options are:

  • Shaker. Not any shaker you can find, but the one you’ve made yourself. Use a bottle or water container without liquid inside. Throw the coins or something similar inside this container. Add the herb. Close it tightly. Now shake the bottle for 20 seconds. Open and check out the weed.
  • Use your hands. It may sound like a shocking revelation, but you can actually break the herb into small pieces with your bare hands. It may take some time. You have to be careful with the pieces and don’t throw them around. Before you start, make sure that your hands are clean.
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The Best Alternative

You can choose any tool from the list above, depending on the circumstances and your personal taste. Keep in mind that many households already have a grinder, and people use it for spices.

You may ask the homeowners about grinders, and they probably will show them to you. Some people buy herb grinders for sugar or coffee. Check this option out before you try multiple alternatives to the grinder.

Alison White

Alison White

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