Three Ways You Can Smoke Hemp Flower

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Three Ways You Can Smoke Hemp Flower

If you are looking for a way to enjoy hemp flower in a way tried and tested through the ages, smoking it is the way to go.

The relationship between humans and hemp flower dates back thousands of years, with evidence of its use found at a Japanese archaeological site from around 8000 BC!

There were – and still are – a variety of ways hemp can be used, but the most popular by far is smoking it. By smoking hemp flower, whether that is through a pipe, a bong or a vape, you will ensure an enjoyable and flavourful experience with a quick kick.

By preparing your method yourself, you are also in control of the amount of CBD you are ingesting, making sure you reach your desired effect without overdoing it.

Here we present to you three of the most popular ways you can smoke hemp flower.

Vape It

As with the other methods, vaping comes in various shapes and sizes, from tabletop versions to vape pens. If you want to see the various types Smoke Cartel have a large range available online, you can view their catalogue here.

In a vape, the hemp flower or CBD oil is heated within the vape (like a mini oven), and you breathe in the emitted vapours. This method is said to let you benefit from the full range of hemp’s elements, as well as the rich flavour, as the nutrients aren’t burned up. It also saves your throat from the harsh smoke.

Crafty Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer - vaping cannabis

Another positive of this method is that you can make your hemp last longer, as vaped hemp is more potent, and so you will need less of it at a time.

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While vaping, there is no need to try to hold in the smoke, but instead inhaling a good amount of vapour along with some fresh oxygen will maximize the benefits.

When using a vape pen, be sure to let it cool down between hits, while also giving yourself a chance to deduce the effects.

Put It In A Pipe

Pipes are one of the most recognizable smoking devices for CBD. Pipes come as slim, cigarette-like ‘one-hitters’ as well as bigger ‘bowls’, which are spoon-like in form and are ideal for sharing multiple puffs.

Unlike tobacco pipes, cannabis pipes are usually made from glass, metal, bamboo, or even silicone.

To smoke CBD in a pipe you will need one or two hemp flower buds. Grind or break up the bud(s) and pack the small bowl at the end of your pipe, tight enough that the leaves don’t blow away, but loose enough to still catch fire.

Light the hemp while inhaling from the other end. Don’t forget to take a break between hits with this method, as it can take about 10 minutes to start feeling the effects of the CBD.

Hit It In A Bong

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually made from glass or plastic, and consist of at least a bowl with water, and a stem with burning cannabis.

This way of smoking hemp flower requires the same preparation as the previous methods. You need to grind up your herb, then simply put it into the cone of your bong, light it, and inhale slowly from the mouthpiece.

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vaporizers vs bongs

The bong is designed in such a way that the smoke filters through the water. This filtration creates a smoother, cooler effect, so the smoke that you are breathing in does not feel as harsh as when using a pipe.

While it is important to note that this does not filter out all the toxins of the smoke, it does mean that you can inhale more CBD straight into your lungs. This gives you the desired effect you are looking for a lot faster than other methods, sometimes in as little as one or two hits!

These are just three of many different ways hemp flower can be used. Each method has a dedicated following, and it whittles down to your personal needs which one you may end up preferring.

Do you want to smoke at home or on the go? Do you want to feel the effects right away or at a more leisurely pace?

Whether you prioritize the flavour experiences of vaping, love the bong’s silky smoothness or really just enjoy the classic smokey scene pipes create, one thing is for sure, you can smoke your desired hit of CBD in a variety of ways that will never get boring!

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