Airis Air Wax Pen Vaporizer Review

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Airis Air Wax Pen Vaporizer Review

We’ve been testing the latest wax pen from Airistech, the Airis Air. So far so good and we’ve been using it for about a month now. We’ve had the chance to try most of Airistech’s dab pens over the years. They created the Headbanger that has many fans around the world. More recently we tried the Airis Dabble, a pretty cool little wax vape. Especially if you use a water pipe with your vape every once in a while.

The Design of the Airis Air Wax Pen

Airis Dabble Wax Vaporizers

Airistech is known for its uniquely designed vaporizers. The Airis Air is no exception. As you can see, the finish on the front is pretty unique to start with. It is available in 6 different finishes. The ones pictured above are the White-Dazzling (top) and White-Jade-Dazzling (bottom).

They are surprisingly heavy at 85 grams and make a great first impression.

The vaporizer is made up of three sections. The battery, the atomizer, and the mouthpiece.

Airis Air Portable Dab Pens modular

Of course, the atomizer is equipped with Airistech’s unique quartz coil.

What’s in the Box?

Just like most wax pens, the Air comes in a pretty simple kit.

To sum up, you’ll find the Air vaporizer, a micro USB charging cable, a dabbing tool, and a user’s manual.

What's in the Air's Box?

How to use the Airis Air Vape

Next, we’ll go through how to use the vaporizer.

Firstly, press the power button five times in a row. Next, set your desired voltage by pressing the power button three times in a quick sequence. The LED light around the power button changes color to indicate your voltage setting.

Green LED light indicates 3.4V, blue is for 3.7V and red light is for 4.2 Volt. I suggest starting on the green setting and increase the voltage as required.

The next step is to remove your atomizer from the battery. Then remove the mouthpiece to access the quartz coil. Load your concentrate onto the coil, before you put the mouthpiece back on. Next, insert the atomizer back into the battery.

At this stage, you are ready to vaporize.

The Air has two heating modes. The first one is simply press and hold the button while you are drawing on the vape.

The other way is to activate a 20 seconds heating cycle by pressing the button twice. When you activate the 20-seconds heating, you’ll notice the LED display flashing in different colors. You can stop and exit the 20-second heating session at any time by pressing the button once.


The Airis Air feels like a quality device in the hand and it is a simple to operate wax pen. Initially, I wasn’t sure how easy it is going to be to take the atomizer in and out in between sessions. However, the outside of the atomizer doesn’t heat up nearly as much as I thought and it is no problem at all.

If you’d like to pick up an Airis Air for yourself, you can do so here.


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