Flowermate Cross Vaporzier

Flowermate Cross Vaporizer Review

Flowermate has recently launched its latest vaporizer to the market, the Flowermate Cross with dual vaporizing functions. As you may know, Flowermate used to make herbal vaporizers only and built a solid fan base around the world. Herbal vaporizers like the V5 OX and V5 Os series are used an loved by thousands of people around … Read more

Flowermate Swift Pro portable vaporizer

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape: Expert Review

The vaping experts over at VapeFuse.com recently picked up a copy of the ultra-premium Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vape to review.  Being a huge fan of the Flowermate line of portable vapes, I was super interested to see how successful their first delve into the premium portable vaporizer market is.  The Flowermate Swift Pro’s packaging … Read more

Using the Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape

Breaking Down the Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFuse fam! My, and soon to be your, favorite new product of 2018 so far is most definitely the Flowermate V5 Nano portable vape. Flowermate has long held a special place in the hearts of most portable vapers. With all of the performance upgrades, this new device is simply a gift to the portable vaping … Read more

Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vaporizer

First Look: Flowermate Swift Pro Portable Vaporizer

Hey VapeFuse fam! April has been the month of new products here at VapeFuse! We’ve recently gotten in a bunch of great tester products to review; like the TopBond line of portables, the PAX 3 and the Da Vinci IQ! What that means, aside from that last line rhyming (ya boy got bars), is that I have … Read more

Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape

Flowermate V5 Nano Portable Vape: VapeFuse Exclusive First Look

Hey VapeFusers! We’re back again with another new product drop, this time it’s the ultra-high-tech Flowermate V5 Nano! This portable vaporizer has just hit the shelves and features a number of new performance upgrades that you’re gonna love! At VapeFuse we pride ourselves on keeping you guys, our loyal readers, up to date with the latest … Read more

TopBond Odin vs Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini

VapeFuse Review: TopBond Odin vs Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini

Hey VapeFusers! I recently introduced you guys to the TopBond line of portable vaporizers, which includes the Novae, the Torch, and my personal favorite, the TopBond Odin! The Odin stood out to me due to its resemblance to another personal favorite of mine, the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini. Both devices are premium portables that are … Read more

Breaking down the Flowermate Portable Vape [VIDEO]

Hey VapeFusers, Longevity is often hard to come by in the world of portable vaporizers. With new and innovative ways to consume your herb being unveiled each year, it’s not uncommon for some products to fall by the wayside. Despite being on the market for quite a long time, the Flowermate line of portable vapes … Read more

VapeFuse Review: Flowermate vs ALD Amaze WOW

Hey VapeFusers, I made it my mission a long time ago to help keep you guys up with the best in vaping news and content. This post is for those of you who are looking for a great quality vaporizer with an affordable price tag. Both the Flowermate series of portable vapes and the ALD Amaze … Read more

Using a Water Pipe with Your Vaporizer

Have you ever wanted to try vaporizing your dry herbs but feel that it would be difficult to transition from smoking to vaping? You’re not alone. I was actually the same before I started vaping my cannabis. My passion for smoking bongs was something I thought would be hard to replicate. I simply loved bongs. … Read more

Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini Portable Vaporizer User’s Review

The Flowermate Mini Pro is the latest in the V5 range of the Flowermate series of portable vaporizers. I have been testing this little portable vaporizer for a few months and keen to share my experience with you. First Impression and Design of the Flowermate V5.OS PRO Mini The first thing you notice holding it is … Read more

12+1 Lifestyle Vaporizer Images of 2016 That You Must See

2016 is just about to end, here at VapeFuse, this year will definitely leave a mark. It’s been a jam-packed year of new partnerships, new products, refreshed blog design and many beautiful vape images, that earned our community’s thumb’s up. And so before 2017 ushers in, we lined up our most popular shots this year. … Read more

Flowermate V5.0 Pro Mini Portable Vaporizer

Flowermate Product Spotlight

The best portable vaporizers out in the market today possess three qualities, that make them stand out amongst many others… And these 3 qualities are:

  • Portability
  • Temperature Power
  • The load a unit can take/ Chamber size

These three attributes are on the top of any vaper’s list when shopping for a good dry herb vaporizer.

But what’s more… is affordability! It is rare you can find a vape which meets all 3, plus comes at a good price…

But you are in luck! Recently, at VapeFuse we added a popular brand, one which we believe meets all 4 desirable attributes…

Let me introduce to you The Flowermate Dry Herb Vaporizers.


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