Does Airflow Matter? Vapes with the Best Airflow System

Dry herb vaping is safe, natural and a great new way to use various types of herbs. If you’re new to dry herb vaporizing, you would want to learn more about the basics. This includes the materials used, how it works and its components. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a good … Read more

Hemp Health and Innovation (HHI) Expo & Symposium 2017

The Hemp Health and Innovation Expo (HHI) is just around the corner. Following its first successful and remarkable event in 2016, the HHI EXPO & SYMPOSIUM 2017 will kick off this Saturday 9AM at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney. The HHI EXPO is an educational event that aims to update participants/ visitors with today’s booming medical … Read more

The Differences Between Vape Pens & Portable Vaporizers

Although vaporizers have been around for years, we still get asked very often here at VapeFuse what the differences are between vape pens and portable vaporizers. Well, all vape pens are portable vaporizers, but not all portable vaporizers are vape pens. Vape pens are unique portable vaporizers that… well, kind of look like a pen. … Read more

No More Waste – Ways to Re-Use Your Vaporized Dry Herbs

One of the most frequently received questions from you guys, members of our VapeFuse Community is: ‘So what should I do with the leftover after vaping? Can I reheat it and use it over and over again? Or just throw it away?’ Fair question, we all want to get the maximum benefits out of our … Read more

VAPING DEMEANOUR: The Smell of Truth About The Vaporizers’ & Vapor’s Scent

Vaporizing is gaining popularity due to its convenience and effectiveness. On top of that, more and more doctors around the world recommend vaporizers for application of botanicals, including medical Cannabis (in those parts of the world where it is already legal). One frequently asked question in our VapeFuse community switching from smoking to vaporizing is … Read more

CloudV F17 Portable Vaporizer

The Benefits of Digital Vaporizers Over Analog Vapes

If you transit from analog units to vaporizers with digital display, you most likely will be able to start adjusting temperature settings across a broad range of options with pinpoint accurate readouts. With a digital display, you can configure temperatures for a variety of ingredients and attain the highest vapor quality and potency. A digital … Read more

5 Things You Should Look For in Your Next Vape Pen

Some of you may be more than content to stick with the same vape pen for years, waiting until it’s completely unusable before replacing it. But for others, looking for new pens is a much more regular activity. Whether you’re tired of your existing vape pen, need to replace a broken one or have never … Read more

HELP! My Vape Stopped Working…Common Storz&Bickel Warranty Claims

I’m desperate! My vaporizer stopped working… 🙁 Have you been in that same situation? Like all electronic devices, the vaporizer is one that can just simply stop working one day unexpectedly. Worst, when it was still working in the morning, but just can’t make the night session anymore… In desperation, you start looking for the … Read more