5 of the Best Vaping Flavors You Need to Try

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Vaping has become a common trend in today’s society. It’s a great way to replace traditional nicotine packed cigarettes. The best part is that there are a variety of flavors available for you to try.

Here are a few flavor options that you’re sure to fall in love with once you try them.

Black Note

If you’ve switched from cigarette smoking to vaping, then you likely want a flavor that is closed to tobacco. Black note is a bold flavor that gives a distinct tobacco taste similar to what you would get from traditional cigarette smoking.

Trying out this flavor will be particularly beneficial if you are trying to quit smoking, but still want to vape.


If you’re a big fan of coffee, and honestly who isn’t these days, then a latte flavor is a must for your vaping essentials. Many companies produce coffe-flavored products today made with gourmet ingredients. When you try it you’ll enjoy a rush of espresso that is followed up by the taste of hazelnuts and milk.

You may even find that latte vaping flavors may replace some of your liquid coffee beverages throughout the day.

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Fruity Cereal

Everyone loves fruity flavors, especially when combined in favorite cereals. Some companies are making fruity cereal vaping flavors. If this isn’t quite your taste, there are delicate fruity flavors available made with handpicked artisan CBD flower.

The fruity cereal flavors create the perfect mixture of cream and tartness in every inhale.

Lemon Tart

If you’re looking for a decadent dessert vaping flavor, you can get a dessert vape taste with lemon tart. One inhale of this vaping liquid and you’ll think you just bit into delicious lemon meringue pie.

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This distinct flavor is one that many vapers crave as it’s delectable and allows for a great mix up from the traditional tobacco flavors offered by many e-liquid producers.


Just hearing the name of this one should get you excited to try it. You can indulge yourself in this sweet flavor of strawberry watermelon gum. The best part is that it provides a nice icy-feeling finish that will soothe your cravings instantly.

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