3 Alternatives to Cigarettes That You Should Try

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3 Alternatives to Cigarettes That You Should Try

There are many alternatives to smoking that smokers can try, and one of the most popular is vaporizers. However, that is just one of the many options sold on the market, especially for those looking for something different and more health-friendly. But health is not the only reason to try alternatives to cigarettes.

There are other attractive options because of the social experience they offer, because of their smell or taste. For example, there are smokeless alternatives that smokers can find in addition to vaporizers. There are e-cigarettes and heated tobacco devices, and neither of them produces smoke. Here you will meet some of them.

Heated Tobacco Devices
They use an electrical device that heats a type of cigarette that contains reconstituted tobacco to a temperature that does not produce combustion. The size is not the only thing that differentiates them from conventional cigarettes. The way in which the tobacco is processed is also different.

To make those devices, they ground the tobacco until it reduces to a powder, which is mixed with water, fibers, and glycerin. The result is a paste that is then dried, and they form long coils. After a second drying process, each of them is rolled around a metal spiral, which will allow induction heating. Then they have to cut it to form two “plugs” of tobacco.

As it was already mentioned, this device heats the tobacco instead of burning it, so it does not produce combustion, ash, or smoke, making it a better option compared to continuing to smoke. However, you must remember that this product is not risk-free and provides nicotine, which can cause addiction.

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A hookah is a water pipe used to smoke all types of herbs. Although it is more commonly used to smoke tobacco, non-nicotine products, or other types of smokeables. In hookah, people do not smoke tobacco in its pure state. They mix the tobacco leaf with flavoring, glycerin, and molasses. Normally, it is glucose extract, honey, or some type of sweetener in liquid form.

With this mixture, you get the tobacco leaf to take on flavor. With flavoring, you can make your tobacco taste practically like almost anything, such as lemon pie flavoring, cinnamon, etc. This process causes the tobacco to have a different flavor, which means it does not just taste like tobacco; it reduces the intense flavor caused by nicotine.

With glycerin, you will make the smoke more powerful since you would not see the density of smoke that characterizes hookah if the tobacco did not have glycerin. Additionally, glycerin also helps to moisten tobacco. Be careful that there is no excess because the tobacco could burn with too much glycerin. You will achieve creaminess in the tobacco using molasses and give it a sweet touch. No matter what flavor you smoke, whether it is citrus, fruity, or sweet, molasses will make it taste sweet and creamy. If trying hookah catches your attention and you want to buy one, you can see cheap hookah prices here.

Nowadays, vapers have become popular among smokers, who choose to start this alternative by leaving cigarettes aside. Thanks to this modern boom in vaping, its industry has diversified, offering a wide variety of electronic cigarettes with a multitude of different flavors and smells.

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This alternative to smoking involves inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or a vape pen, which is a device specifically designed for vaping. Tobacco is considered a harmful and highly addictive substance that can have severe consequences for those who consume it regularly. For this reason, vaping has emerged as a more lung-friendly alternative, and more and more people are opting for this activity, separating themselves from the old habit of smoking.

Those devices use batteries and have integrated cartridges filled with special liquids for vaping. They are generally composed of flavorings and nicotine, among other chemical compounds.

Why Should You Choose an Alternative to Cigarettes?

They Do Not Leave a Smell on Your Clothes and Hair
One of the most obvious ways to know if someone is a smoker or not is the smell of smoke on their clothing, hair, and even their skin. This smell can be annoying for some people, and it becomes more penetrating over time. Avoiding it is one of the advantages of smoke-free alternatives because by controlling the temperature at which you heat the tobacco or liquid nicotine, you will avoid smoke. In the same way, you will prevent the smell from remaining on clothing or the skin of those who consume it.

They Can Reduce the Emission of Harmful Substances
When you light a cigarette, more than 6,000 chemicals that are potentially harmful to your health are released. These substances, according to research, can cause chronic illnesses and diseases. While in smoke-free products, tobacco or liquid nicotine do not reach the point of combustion, as they are heated at controlled temperatures.

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They Do Not Affect Air Quality in Closed Spaces
By operating without fire, smoke-free alternatives do not generate smoke, only steam, which prevents it from negatively affecting air quality in closed spaces. Since there is no smoke there is no secondhand smoke. Thanks to this you will also avoid bothering other people with cigarette smoke, which is usually unpleasant for many people. However, while vaporizers may taste delicious, they could still be bothersome to others.

These are three reasons why smokeless alternatives may be better for those who have chosen to continue using tobacco or nicotine.

If you want a change in your life and are trying to quit smoking, the alternatives on this list could be very helpful. There are options for all tastes. While the vaporizer offers you many fun and interesting flavors to smoke, you can do it with your friends if you use a hookah and spend an afternoon together. Before choosing any of the options on this list, take a moment to evaluate the cost and features of each one so it will be easier to make the right decision.




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