The Lotus Vape: VapeFuse Manual Vape Review

Meet The Lotus Vape: a manual vape with amazing flavor and a super user-friendly interface from Mendocino County in California.  This stylish little number is sort of like a cross between a VaporGenie and a DynaVap, both of which are world-renowned for their tremendous terp extraction.  If you’re in the market for a top-quality herbal … Read more

The Hippie Vaporizer: Air, Nano, and Bee Liquid Vape Review

Liquid vapes are getting more and more inventive, and these three I just copped from The Hippie Vaporizer are about as uniquely awesome as it gets! If you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes and don’t think you’ll be able to rip that band-aid off cold turkey, investing in a liquid vape or eCigarette can make … Read more

Boundless CFX Portable Vape Review [VIDEO]

Looking to pick up a Boundless CFX portable vaporizer but want to get the facts first? Check out our CFX Video Review here at VapeFuse! The VapeFuse HQ was blessed with a couple of Boundless Tech’s latest model portable vapes and we’ve been having an awesome few weeks of pushing them to the absolute limit! … Read more

Boundless CFV kit contents

Boundless CFV Portable Vape Review [VIDEO]

What’s up VapeFusers! We have had an awesome time breaking down the Boundless CFV Portable Vape and a couple of other Boundless Technology vapes and have put together this video review for you guys to check out.  The Boundless Tech vapes are sleek and affordable and have been making waves recently due to the brand’s … Read more

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How the Storz & Bickel Crafty Changed the Portable Vape Game Forever

Arguably the most and sought-after famous portable vaporizer on the market, the Storz & Bickel Crafty, changed the vaporizer game forever when it was released to the market back in 2014. My first encounter with this vaping powerhouse was at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in December 2014. I’d just tried the Volcano Digit for … Read more

Factors that Contribute to a Longer Marijuana High

Vaporizers: Making the Future of The Cannabis Industry Combustion Free

The cannabis industry has been dynamically evolving every New Year. With that change, vaporizers are quickly emerging as the future of the cannabis industry. It wasn’t long ago that the concept of medibles (medicated edibles) and tinctures were not so popular. But these days, one can expect new product lines with targeted cannabinoids to hit the market … Read more

Haze Square Pro Portable Vape Review: First Session [VIDEO]

It’s not often that a portable vape sweeps me off my feet right from the word go. That was definitely the case with the Haze Square Pro Portable Vape, but now I can’t get enough of it! Haze Technology’s new offering has been on the market for almost a year now and has been gaining … Read more