Airis Air Portable Wax Vaporizer

Airis Air Wax Pen Vaporizer Review

We’ve been testing the latest wax pen from Airistech, the Airis Air. So far so good and we’ve been using it for about a month now. We’ve had the chance to try most of Airistech’s dab pens over the years. They created the Headbanger that has many fans around the world. More recently we tried … Read more

Haze Portable Vaporizer

Herb Vaping 101: Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Wax Pens vs Hybrid Vapes

One of the questions I constantly find myself being asked is: “Which of these vapes works with oil and herb?” While it’s a super valid question, the answer I give often leaves a number of people confused, hence the need for this post. Portable vaping has taken off exponentially in recent years, with desktop vaporizers … Read more