DabCap Bong Adapters

DabCap Water Pipe Adapter

Let me introduce you to the DabCap water pipe adapter for dry herb, concentrate, and oil cartridge vaporizers. Why Do You Need a Bong Adapter? Vaping through water is very popular these days. There are a growing number of vaporizers that you can use with a water bubbler. Similarly, a surprisingly large number of vapes … Read more

vaporizers vs bongs

3 Ways to Get a Cleaner Smoking Experience

When it comes to smoking your cannabis or other substances, you know that there are various ways to do so. From rolling your own joints to putting a bud in your bong, each smoking experience is slightly different from the next. If you’re on a mission to get yourself a cleaner smoking experience, here are … Read more

Using a Water Pipe with Your Vaporizer

Have you ever wanted to try vaporizing your dry herbs but feel that it would be difficult to transition from smoking to vaping? You’re not alone. I was actually the same before I started vaping my cannabis. My passion for smoking bongs was something I thought would be hard to replicate. I simply loved bongs. … Read more