DabCap Water Pipe Adapter

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Let me introduce you to the DabCap water pipe adapter for dry herb, concentrate, and oil cartridge vaporizers.

Why Do You Need a Bong Adapter?

Vaping through water is very popular these days. There are a growing number of vaporizers that you can use with a water bubbler. Similarly, a surprisingly large number of vapes can be used with a water pipe.

Bubblers are mostly made for dry herb and concentrate vapes. You might be wondering, how about oil cartridge vapes, like the CCell Silo or Yocan Uni Pro?

Oil concealers are small and lightweight pocket devices. These batteries are not often designed to work with water bubblers due to their size. Despite their small size, they produce large clouds of vapor though and it makes perfect sense thinking about running it through water.

The Solution: The DabCap Water Pipe Adapter

This little silicone accessory enables you to use most vape pens, pod systems, and dry herb vaporizers with a water pipe.

The DabCap accommodates oil cartridges with tipped and round-shaped mouthpieces.

DabCap Water Pipe adaptor with CCell Cartridge and Palm
DabCap Water Pipe Adapter with CCell TH2 Cartridge and CCell Silo Battery

In addition to oil cartridges, the DabCap also works with most pods. You can use it to connect most pod systems to a bong or water pipe.

DabCap Water Pipe adaptor with Airis Janus Pod vape
DabCap Water Pipe Adapter with Airis Janus Pod Vape

The DabCap is made out of premium food-grade silicone that is heat resistant up to 550 Fahrenheit (287 Celsius).

It is anti-static, so it repels dust, hair and other small particles that build up on everything.


To sum up, the DabCap is the device you need if you have a vaporizer that you cannot connect to a water pipe any other way. If you like vaporizing through water it is worth trying out. One small low priced accessory that connects most vaporizers with most water pipes.

Using a Water Pipe with Your Vaporizer
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