Guide to Vaping: Direct-To-Lung vs. Mouth-To-Lung(DTL VS MTL)

Do you intend to permanently stop smoking? Have you determined that using e-cigs is a better option for you than smoking cigarettes? If so, you should first be aware of a few things. While all e-cigarette users will emphasize the significance of selecting the appropriate vaping equipment, choosing a good vaping approach should come first. Direct-to-lung … Read more

dry hit vape

A Dry Hit Vape: Causes and Prevention

Vapers are acutely aware of their personal limitations and the difficulties that they may face throughout their vaping journey. They are all familiar with the horrible sensation of pulling a puff from their beloved e-juice and just receiving a hellish experience with no taste, a fully excruciating throat hit, and a ruined coil. These are … Read more

vape tips

Beginner Vape Tricks: How To Do Them

Over the past several years, vaping has been increasingly popular with the general public. In addition to the scientifically established fact that vape mods may be less harmful than conventional cigarettes and smoking marijuana, some individuals use them for amusement. You may perform a variety of awesome vape tricks, such as the Dragon, Ghost Inhale, … Read more

cbd vaping

Uncovering 10 Common CBD Vaping Myths

As a cannabis enthusiasts, you’ve probably heard about cannabidiol vaping. CBD is receiving a great deal of attention these days, thanks to social media posts and videos, TV documentaries, and internet postings, a number of websites, and most likely several of your peers. As CBD, commonly known as the “wonder natural treatment,” grows in popularity, … Read more