Beginner Vape Tricks: How To Do Them

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Beginner Vape Tricks: How To Do Them

Over the past several years, vaping has been increasingly popular with the general public. In addition to the scientifically established fact that vape mods may be less harmful than conventional cigarettes and smoking marijuana, some individuals use them for amusement.

You may perform a variety of awesome vape tricks, such as the Dragon, Ghost Inhale, Waterfall, Vapor Bubble, French Inhale, Tornado, Blowing Os, and the Bull Ring.

Expert vapers always develop novel vaping techniques. Because of this, we have updated our collection of vape magic lessons so that your buddies will think you’re a real magician.

It will be incredibly hard to perform any of these vape tricks described below with a conventional vape pen, so ensure you have a decent vape mod as well as a sub-ohm vape tank. Follow our simple explanations here and try them. However, you only need a vaping device with the necessary features. You don’t necessarily need the greatest model on the market to perform these stunts.

The following are some of the best vaping techniques you may use to wow your peers.

  • Ghost Inhale

The Ghost inhale stunt is an easy trick to perform even on your first attempt, making it a great choice for newbies who are learning to perform creative vape tricks. It appears to be the discharge of a ball of vapor in the style of Casper, occasionally accompanied by the act of taking a sip. The most organic vaping technique is the ghost hit, often referred to as the snap inhale or the mushroom cloud.

How do you perform this trick?

A Ghost Inhale is performed by taking a lengthy mouth-to-lung inhalation drag and leaving it to dwell in your oral cavity for a couple seconds before releasing the vapor in the shape of a ball. To achieve this, just open your lips, push them out slightly in the shape of an O, and then shut them immediately. Don’t try to force the vapors. For a moment, hold the breath. It really is that simple!

  • The Waterfall

How does the waterfall vape look? The waterfall vape is a fantastic vaping technique that transforms vape into a substantial and enjoyable water-like fluid that flows down from the container. This fantastic vape skill is not difficult to learn.

How do you do a waterfall vape? A bottle with frozen water on its bottom may be used to create a waterfall. Take a draw, blow the vape into the bottle, and then gently pour it out.

  • The Dragon Trick

The Dragon is among the simplest vape tricks you’ve probably tried. After a few bouts of practice, you’ll be inhaling vapor much like a beast. It is an elaborate appearance that will have you looking like a flaming dragon. It is undeniably a vaping technique that amazes everyone who appears to be interested in vaping.

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How does the dragon trick work?

You must essentially blow vapor via four separate regions of your body: your 2 nostrils and the 2 edges of your mouth. The vapor is then delivered via the edges of the mouth by pressing your lips together while exhaling. And this may necessitate some training. You must extract quite so much vapor as possible while not inhaling it.

When you have the greatest quantity of vapor in your mouth, simultaneously push it out via your nose and the 2 corners of your mouth. You must apply some force and push it as rapidly as you can. When you add a wicked gaze to this technique, you appear like a very terrifying hell.

  • Tornado

It’s actually among the most basic techniques that require you to engage your hands. Although the moniker may sound amusing or menacing, be assured that this type of vape trick will wow everybody who comes across this one.

The entire concept is producing a flat pool of vapor that generates a tornado form. That is, the vast volume of vapor is handled with your hand to create a tornado-like swirl. The tornado can’t be performed in a car since it requires a level surface. This approach works especially well with a vaping mod that creates thick, motionless vapor.

How to perform a vape tornado

All that you require to create a tornado is to exhale your vapor carefully, but only on a perfectly level surface, and bear in mind that your vapor must be somewhat thick. Another thing you have to learn is how to use the hands to cut the surface. Then, elevate your arm and swipe your wrist up. Make certain that everything is done at the same time. You may take a step back and observe the twister shape develop.

  • Liquid Mist

This is a terrific vape trick for impressing folks whether you’re out at a club or a party. You may make a mist that floats on the surface of your drink, giving it the appearance of a potion.

How does one make a Liquid Mist vape?

To begin, grab a glass of a cold beverage, perhaps one with a large diameter, such as the one for martinis or whiskey. Enjoy your drink, and when your glass is halfway filled, it’s time to wow.

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Inhale deeply through your vaping device. After that, gently contact the rim of your glass with your lips and exhale the vapor slowly. It will float on the liquid’s surface by itself.

  • Vapor Bubble

It’s a vape technique that needs you to blow a big bubble, as the name indicates. All you need to do is create a bubble to contain the vapor emitted by your add-on.

How is a vapor bubble created?

You’ll need soapy water, a toilet paper roll, sans paper, and a vape mod for vapor bubble. You should start by dipping the end of your toilet paper into the soapy water to activate it in the same manner you would a bubble wand. After that, take a long draw of vapor from the vaping mod and blow it into the roll of toilet paper. When you’ve determined that the bubble is big enough to suit your fancy, poke it to discharge the vapor.

  • Blowing O’s Vape Rings

This method involves creating the letter O from vapor, as the name suggests.

What Is the Best Way to Make O’s With a Vape?

  • To begin, take a big draw and hold it in the throat.
  • Make sure your tongue is at the back of your throat and at the bottom of the mouth.
  • Next, make an ‘O’ shape using your lips. This shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Once you’ve acquired the O shape, make fast, pulsating movements using your throat, allowing the vape to emerge in the form of the letter O.
  • Jellyfish

How does it look?

This appears to be a real jellyfish floating in the air.

The technique is also referred to as the “force field” or the “atomic bomb.” The goal of the trick is to make a little O in the midst of the huge ring, which will connect to create a jellyfish.

How to make a jellyfish

Before doing the Jellyfish vape, you should rehearse your vaping bends as well as O-rings, as stated below, since this Jellyfish technique consists of the two. What you are required to do is to blow an O-ring before pulling it forward by producing airflow using your palms. After that, release some vapor in the center of the flying O. That is it! You have your own jellyfish floating around!

  • Bow Tie

This one appears to be breathing a bow-tie of vapors!

How to create a bow tie vape

To make a bow tie vape, follow these steps:

  • First, blow a number of O’s in a row swiftly.
  • Inhale it back while they are still there.
  • When you inhale two O’s together at the same time, they grow thin on each side, resembling a bow tie.
  • Triangle
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When you can comfortably blow O rings, experiment with changing the form of the O by making it triangular.

How to make a vape triangle

To make a triangular vape, begin by exhaling an O ring before you gently press the ring with your hands. When you swiftly tap one side of the ring, you would observe that it bends into a triangle. What is important here is your timing of your handwork to achieve the finest outcomes. Learn when and how to press and tap the O ring. The perfect time allows you to create beautiful triangles.


The vaping technique is popular, but it takes some work to perfect.

Cheerios making with a vape

Begin by taking a long draw from the mod and breathing in it all the way to the back of the throat. The tongue is tucked behind the neck and lying on the mouth’s floor during this moment. A tiny bit of vapor is forced out of your throat when the mouth is curved like an O as well as your lips are protruding. The cheerios O rounds are considerably smaller than smoke rings, but the effect is quite similar.

  • Bull Ring

Although it appears to be a powerful vape skill, anybody who can easily blow smoke rings can also do bull rings. This technique also comes in O forms, like O rings. The vapor is expelled through the nose as opposed to the mouth cavity. The end effect is essentially an O ring blasted through your nose.

How is it done?

Don’t worry; there isn’t any discomfort as some would believe. Start by blowing a medium-sized plume of smoke, then suck air into the upper portion of the ring with your nose. Take your time learning it; mastering it takes time.

  • Bale and French Inhale

This is yet another deceptively simple vaping trick that even has a fancy name. Vapor is now drawn into the mouth, released, and breathed in via your nose. It looks like an upside-down waterfall.

Taking a draw from the vaping mod without breathing is the first stage, which is similar to a ghost hit. Then, with the lips closed, allow the vapor to remain in the mouth. After that, open your lips slowly and exhale.

How to do it

After taking a puff, let the smoke linger in your mouth. Open the lips gradually, then push your lower jaw outside to let the vapor escape normally. The novel feature of this method is the continuous inhalation of the existing vapor via the nose.

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For the Bane portion of the technique, use your teeth to obstruct the vapor pathway so that it emerges as thin pipes, giving you the Bane look.

  • Double and Triple O’s

Forming these smoke rings is an ancient technique that smokers created; it doesn’t usually startle anyone or get a lot of attention from onlookers. Once you have mastered the standard O’s rings, you can progress to more difficult maneuvers like exhaling multiple rings at once.

How to blow triple and double smoke rings

Start out by taking a deep puff from your vaping mod. Then, with the mouth slightly open, insert one or two fingers on the lips to blow the two as well as three O’s rings, respectively. Exhale slowly while flipping your neck over with a finger from the other hand. Even while it can appear challenging at first, practice will let you build a room out of tiny O rings.

  • Wobble

A lesser-known and rather obscure vape trick called the wobble has lately gained popularity owing to its originality.
To create a wobble, begin by blowing first, then press an O. Ensure your O is milky and thick as you blow it. While flipping your hands over so that the palms face inward, pull your hands down along the sides of your O. Your O will start to sway in the air as a result of this.

  • Invisible Jellyfish

The rewards will surely be worth the effort after you’ve mastered this variant of the common jellyfish, which is regarded to be substantially more difficult.

To do this trick, take a deep breath of vapor. You’ll then need to breathe out one O. Ensuring your O is so very light—almost invisible to the human eye—is the key to creating an invisible jellyfish. All you have to do is inhale another vapor pull and exhale it down the middle of your O once you’ve released it. Your O will become encased in the mist, which will cause an unseen jellyfish to materialize as though by magic.

Final Word

There you have it! These are some of the vape tricks that you can use to wow your friends. Some of these vaping techniques are simple to learn, while others take a lot of effort to perfect. Have fun with your vaping!

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