Want to Improve Your Vaping Experience? - know when to replace your disposable vape

3 Signs To Replace Your Disposable Vape

If you’ve just switched from smoking cigarettes to vapes or e-cigarettes, as a beginner, it’s advisable first to try the disposable version. The main selling point of disposable vapes is the perks it brings to new users. Not only is buying the device easier on your pockets, but you can also try different flavors without … Read more

PCKT TWO Vaporizer

The PCKT Two Vapor Unit Review

The latest oil cartridge vape I have been busy trying out is the PCKT Two. I am no stranger to the PCKT vaporizer lineup, we’ve tested the PCKT One and One Plus here at VapeFuse. I was quite impressed by the design and functionality of both of those batteries, so I was looking forward to … Read more